Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Hair Botox Treatment

hair botox everything you need to know

I know what you must be thinking, that hair botox involves sticking needles into the scalp. When you commonly think of the word botox, you often think of a common medical procedure to get rid of wrinkles. Rest assured, there are no needles involved!

Hair botox and keratin treatments are two of the most common treatment procedures used in salons and some spas for those looking to get smoother, shiny, and healthier hair. Here at Jaxson Maximus, our salon industry experts have put together this helpful guide to explain everything you need to know about hair botox. 

hair botox

What is hair botox?

Think of hair botox in a similar way that you would think of botox for your skin. Botox, also known as Botulinum Toxin or BTX, is an injection prepared from the bacterial toxin botulin. Botox injections are solely used in medical and cosmetic treatments to remove fine lines and wrinkles and, in some cases, are used as a treatment for migraines. 

Although it is not an injection like actual botox, hair botox’s main purpose is to reduce your hair’s frizz while making it smoother and fuller. Think of hair botox as the ultimate deep conditioning treatment for your hair. 

If your hair is dehydrated, you have naturally curly hair, color your hair often, suffer from frizziness, or live in a humid climate, getting a hair botox treatment can be a lifesaver for you. 

Hair botox is a non-chemical conditioning treatment that infuses your hair with ceramides derived from Meadow’s Foam providing a protective barrier for all hair types. Meaning it will reduce frizziness and repair any damage to your hair. It is an excellent option for both men and women if you are looking for a treatment that does not involve any harsh chemicals.

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Does Hair Botox Help With Hair Loss?

It has been widely thought that the androgen hormone, DHT, is the leading cause of hair loss. In a recent study conducted by Canadian Researchers in 2010, botox was shown to be a viable treatment for hair loss among its participants. 

Lead Canadian researcher, Professor Freund, discovered that when he began to inject his scalp with botox areas of hair, he began to grow back. Out of the 40 participants at the end of the study, it was concluded that their hair count increased by 18% over 60 weeks. That is the same for the oral medication Finasteride but without all of the side effects of the medication. 

At the end of this study, it was shown that hair loss significantly reduced by an average of 39% with an overall response rate of 75%. 

Hair Botox works similarly to skin Botulinum Toxin without getting injections into your scalp. Hair Botox contains a cocktail of nourishing active ingredients such as Vitamins B5, Vitamin E, Amino Acid, Glyoxylic Acid, Collagen Complex, BONT-L Peptide, and more. In addition to the added benefits on the hair, these ingredients in hair botox have been shown to help reduce hair loss. 

The anti-aging properties of hair botox act like a filter to your hair. They help fill in any of the gaps in your hair’s natural fiber, leaving it looking more youthful in appearance. 

Where is it available?

Hair botox is a very specialized treatment that is typically not readily available in every area. You would more commonly find hair botox at a high-end specialized salon or a media spa. The main reason is that the actual hair botox vile is only available at specialized distribution channels, so chances are your typical neighborhood salon won’t readily have this treatment listed on their menu of services.

For instance, since we are a specialized men’s salon located in Miami, FL, we here at Jaxson Maximus are among the few locations in the area that specialize in the administration of hair botox treatments.

How much can I expect to spend for the treatment?

A typical treatment will cost you anywhere from $100-$300+, depending on where you go to get it done, and any additional add on’s you decide to do with the treatment. There have been some stories where individuals have decided to administer the treatment at home. Yes, the treatment would be cheaper, but you run the risk of permanently damaging your hair and scalp. 

How Long Does Hair Botox Last?

When going to your appointment, it will take roughly between an hour to an hour and a half depending on how long your hair is. Typically your stylist will wash your hair to remove any excess residue. Afterward, they will apply the hair botox for approximately 30-45 minutes before washing it off and applying any additional services you might want.

Hair botox treatments will offer semi-permanent results that typically last anywhere from 2-4 months, based on how much your hair grows and how often you wash your hair. We recommend having your treatment done every 3 months to ensure that you have strong and healthy hair. 

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Hair Botox Aftercare

After you receive your hair botox treatment, it is essential that you only use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditions. For example, our Jaxson Maximus Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner are a great option. 

*Bonus: You get these products included in your hair botox service at Jaxson Maximus for your aftercare!

hair botox

What is the difference between hair botox and keratin?

A keratin treatment (also known by most as a Brazilian Blowout) is a chemical treatment that acts as a chemical straightening and smoothing agent for your hair. Many keratin treatments contain the chemical formaldehyde, which can be quite irritating to those with sensitive scalps.

Keratin treatments work best with those that have very thick curly hair that is prone to frizz. Getting a keratin treatment can help make everyday styling easier and more manageable. 

In comparison, hair botox does not contain any chemicals. It is a type of deep-conditioning treatment that will help your hair feel smoother and more hydrated. It will not straighten your hair like a keratin treatment would. However, it will be easier to style and maintain your look.

Hair botox works well with every type of hair. Those with thinner, finer hair would be more suited to using a hair botox treatment over keratin as it will weigh down the hair. 

Can I Get Keratin and Hair Botox Together?

Yes, those with very thick curly hair who want their hair straight with a shiny, healthy look are perfect for doing the two together. 

Hair botox is also safe on color-treated hair, so you can always add a coloring service when you come in. 

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Have a question about hair botox and how it can help you? Give us a call at 305-262-5747, email us at info@jaxsonmaximus.com 


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