Peaky Blinders Hairstyles: What You Should Ask Your Hairstylist For

Peaky Blinder Hairstyles

Along with a fantastic cast and binge worth plot lines, Peaky Blinders is nothing short of TV excellence.

Set in England following the aftermath of WWI, this early 1900’s era gangster look is catching the attention of many fashion enthusiasts across the country. We can’t deny that the sets and costumes are impressive, but another great feature to love is the hairstyles.

Here we round up the most iconic Peaky Blinders characters and how you can emulate their iconic hairstyles.


If you’re looking for this precision like hairstyle, how do you ask your barber/stylist for it? Calling it a Peaky Blinder cut is ok, but to your hairstylist, they would describe it as a short disconnected cut. This cut is shorter on the sides and back and long on top to allow for styling. Depending on the texture of your hair (straight, coarse, curly, etc.), your hairstylists will determine the proper amount of hair to leave on top for styling.



Tom Shelby is a gangster with style. Played by Cillian Murphy, Tom Shelby rocks a textured crop that looks just as good now as it did one hundred years ago. Tom’s hairstyle is a short crop with shaved sides and back.

Tom leaves a little texture to his hair with layers and a natural wave. To get the look, you want to leave a little fringe sweeping to the right or the left, creating that “swoop” across the forehead.


If you would like the emulate Tom Selby, you like that well-groomed appearance with a little bit of edge. This works well for gentlemen that have a bit more texture to their hair.

To style your look like Tom Shelby, we made it easy with our Jaxson Maximus styling products. Tom’s haircut is best styled when the hair is dry. Apply a dime-size amount of Pompadour Pomade or Styling Wax, in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and work through your hair. Start from the front hairline, then work your way back, using your fingers to place the hair where you want it. Apply in light circular motions to create a messy-textured look to your hair.

If your hair is wet, brush your hair to tame it in place while using a blow dryer.


Arthur Shelby, who is played by Paul Anderson, is a bit rough around the edges. Like his brother Tom, he also rocks an undercut. Unlike Tom’s hair, Arthur’s cut is one where the back and sides are completely shaved. While Tom sweeps the top of his hair towards the front, Arthur leaves his slicked back.

When going to your barber, you want to ask for a “disconnected undercut.” Keep plenty of length on top to slick it back. Overall, Arthur’s hair is polished but with an edge.


If you don’t have a ton of time in the morning, then this style is the easiest for you. This hairstyle is excellent for gentlemen with less textured hair with more straight and fine hair.

Style your hair wet or dry with our Total Control Hair Gel. Apply a dime-sized amount to the palm of your hand, rub both hands together, and smooth the product through the hair. Leave gel in as-is for a wet look, or blow-dry back for a smoother, slicker, more polished style. The results should feel secure, feel soft, and natural.


Similar to Tom and Arthur, John’s haircut features a disconnected undercut style. John leaves his hair completely shaved on both sides but still long on the top. Like Arthur, John’s hair is straight up top, but he keeps it slightly more cropped.

This is a great hairstyle for gentleman who still likes to look polished but wants a low-maintenance cut. Ask your barber for an undercut with both sides of your head shaved with a short crop on top. Just long enough to style but not quite as sweeping as Tom’s.


John’s look is styled best with dry hair. Use a dime-size amount of Jaxson Maximus Mud Light, rubbing it in-between your hands and pushing it through the hair, starting from the front hairline to the back. For finishing touches, run a comb through your hair until you get your desired look and texture.


Michael Grey, played by Finn Cole, is the cousin of the Shelby siblings. Unlike the Shelby’s, Michael leaves his hair cut and styled into a neat side part. This look features trimmed sides that taper into a longer length on top.

Out of all of the Peaky Blinder’s hairstyles, this is the most formal of all. This hairstyle works best for gentlemen who appreciate a clean and classic aesthetic and are willing to put effort into their stylish hair every morning.

Ask your barber for a cut with subtly tapered sides, keeping a longer length on top. You want to avoid having the back or the sides shaved but instead, go for a scissor cut, which will give you a feathered fade.


To achieve Michael’s hairstyle, you will need a blow-dryer and a small round brush (1/4 inch in diameter). Start with a dime-size amount of Jaxon Maximus Styling Foam and work a small amount liberally from roots to ends, throughout the hair.

Using a round brush, smooth your hair straight, and add then volume to the front hairline. Make sure to keep a strong side part. To finish, spray Jaxson Maximus Styling Hairspray, for a clean light hold.


When it comes to Alfie, it is not the hair on his head that makes his look complete but rather his truly iconic beard. Solomons, who is played by Tom Hardy, sports a full unruly beard. Unlike Solomon, if you want to emulate his appearance, you should opt for a beard with neatly trimmed edges to keep you from looking like a caveman.

If you are going to go for Alfie’s look, you are going to have to commit. Once you have reached the desired length and thickness of your beard, you may want to ask your barber for a minor trim around your beard to keep it in shape. Remember to routinely wash and comb your beard to keep it feeling soft and dandruff free.


Let’s switch gears from hair care to beard care. For Alfie’s look, we highly recommend for you to cleanse your beard daily with our Jaxson Maximus Beard and Facial Cleanser. Once your beard is washed, use a dime to nickel size (depending on the beard length and texture) amount of Jaxson Maximus Beard Oil, rubbing it from the root to your ends. This will help condition the beard adding moisture to the hair follicle while also helping tame wiry and unruly hair.


Tom Shelby: Opt for an undercut leaving the sides and back short but longer on the top for styling. Leave the top long enough to create a short side fringe.

Arthur Shelby: Have your stylist give you a disconnected undercut”. Keep plenty of length on top to slick it back.

John Shelby: Ask for an undercut but with both sides of your head shaved with a short crop on top. Just long enough to style but not quite as sweeping as Tom’s.

Michael Gray: Have your barber give you a cut with subtly tapered sides, keeping a longer length on top.

Alfie Solomon: Ask your barber for a minor trim around your beard to keep it in shape and looking modern.

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