3 Top Trending Menswear Suit Colors for Fall-Winter 2019

Blue Stone Top Trending Menswear shades for Fall-Winter
According to the Pantone Fashion Institute, here are the top 3 menswear shades for fall-winter 2019. Custom made by Miami’s own Jaxson Maximus.

Evening Blue

A blue that will automatically make you feel confident and classy. It’s symbolic of the color we see on a clear night In southern Florida. Perfect for wedding or a 3-Day client facing road trip. Evening blue is a great addition to amp up the dressy side of your wardrobe. Evening blue is the perfect choice for someone who wants to elevate their appearance.


Bluestone will help you look calm and resolute. This is an awesome color to do in Jaxson Maximus’ favorite men’s cotton fabric, specifically milled for men’s suitings. With a bit of lycra blended into the cotton, it allows the fabric to stretch, resulting in extreme comfort for the owner.

A bluestone suit is so easy to dress up or down, making it easy to add because it goes with so many things that you most likely already have. It is ideal for southern Florida’s mild winters.



Complementary against any skin tone, it is the perfect everyday grey! This color is classic and elegant. Paloma grey as a suit looks great when adding a pop of color to your shirt such as lilac, teal, soft blue, or pink. It also can be dressed up or down very easily, making it a fantastic addition to someone with an active work and social calendar.

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