Codis Maya Blood Stone Bow Dress Stud Set


Each Codis Maya piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Each set is handmade in the UK by skilled artisans. The results are beautiful bespoke pieces of art that take upwards of five months to create one set. 

All of Codis Maya’s cufflinks are created with vitreous enamel meaning that they are made of glass and not plastic resins. The process of vitreous enamelling is a fading art that is only practiced by a few artisanal makers in the world including Codis Maya, Faberge, and Lalique. 

The Bloodstone Stud Sets  Are:

  • Sold brass shirt studs with real Indonesian bloodstone
  • Set with ethically sourced stones in accordance with the World Jewellery Confederation
  • 13mm diameter cufflinks
  • 9mm diameter studs
  • 2 cufflinks and 4 studs
  • Individually punched by British Assay Office who have been guaranteeing the authenticity of precious metals since 1773


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