Tie-Dye Face Mask


  • Adjustable Elastic Ear Strap For Maximum Comfort
  • Made Up Of The High-test Quality Woven Fabrics 
  • Lightweight 
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Gentle On Skin 
  • Super Comfortable & Lightweight For All Day Wear
  • Efficient Washed Up To 40 Times
  • Unisex For Adults
  • One Size Fits All
Price Discounts: 

Order 3-4: received $.50 off per mask 

Order 5: received $1.00 off per mask 

Order 6+: received $2.00 off per mask 

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What makes us different:

From our customers, we kept on hearing the same complaints from what they purchased on the market. They kept saying that the face masks they were using were uncomfortable, didn't fit right, hurt their ears after a long day of wear, and they could not breathe.

Our founder personally measured over 250+ faces to come up with the perfect size mask. We took these common complaints from our customers and came up with the perfect solution.

High-end Luxury Materials:

Our masks are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and regenerated cellulose fiber for its durability, comfort, and ability to transfer moisture away from the skin.

The regenerated cellulose fiber originates from plants and has been used in disposable medical textiles since the 1800s. All of our masks contain two layers. The outer layer is mostly woven fabric, and the inner layer is a knitted fabric. All of the fabrics used are of the highest quality and are extremely comfortable to wear all day long. 

Two-Ply Construction:

As we designed our masks, based upon months of customer feedback and many prototypes, we found that people prefer two-ply masks over any other type of design for its comfort, breathability, and functionality.

Based on our findings, most people found that three-ply masks were hard to breathe in, answer your phone in, have a conversation in, and hard for others to understand you when you are speaking.

If you still prefer a three-ply mask, we designed ours with a pleat on the face side for consumers to add a layer if they are in a situation that they would like to do so.

These were all design and fabric issues we incorporated when making our two-ply face masks.

Care Instructions: 

For maximum usage, hand wash with mild soap and warm water, then let air dry—best to NOT machine wash or machine dry. 

For non-medical use only. 

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