Vintage Car Handmade Shave Set

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Handcrafted in the U.S.A., with custom images cast in a clear acrylic resin, this brush, razor, and stand were then turned by hand and taken through a proprietary 14-step hand sanding and polishing process. The razor stand and razor handle feature vintage car images. The shaving handle is custom cast to present a bright white, complementary addition to the set.

The shaving knot, otherwise known as a bristle, is all-natural silvertip badger hair, long prized for its excellent water retention and soft tips. 

Stand and razor accents feature heavy-duty chrome plating that will last for years.

The razor comes standard with the Mach 3 (& Venus) head.

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Shave Bowls:

Handcrafted from walnut or maple lumber grown in the U.S.A, these shave soap bowls are turned on a lathe before being coated with penetrating oil. The surface is then hand-buffed with a proprietary blend of mineral oil and organic beeswax to seal against moisture.

Shave Bowl Care Instructions:

  • Be sure to rinse and thorough dry bowl after each use. Allowing standing water or soap to remain in or under the bowl will affect the finish and feel.
  • A protective layer of finish can be renewed using any commercially available mixture of cutting board ‘butter’ or butcher-block conditioner. Depending on use, patterns this can be done as frequently as once a week or as little as once every few months.
  • DO NOT wash in dishwasher.
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