Wurkin Stiffs 3 Pair Power Stays


Tired of a lumpy uneven collar? Tame fly-away collar with these Wurkin Stiff Magnetic Power Stays. Each power stays works to straighten and smooth out the dreaded limp collar.
  • Works with all collar sizes & shapes
  • TSA Friendly 
  • Good with any style shirt
  • Made of hand-polished stainless steel
  • Won’t bend or break 
Each Wurkin Stiff Power Stays Set Includes:
  • 6  Power Stays  (The Most Common Size) 
  • 6 Plastic Covered Magnetic Power Buttons
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3.62 x 2.37 x 0.37 inches

How To Use:

1) Insert the Power Stay metal collar stays into your collar

2) Insert the Power Buttons under your shirt's collar 

3) Move your collar to your desired position


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Working Stiff Power Stays

2.0" 3 Pack, 2.5" 3 Pack

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