Custom Clothing FAQ’s

custom clothing facts Jaxson Maximus

How long does it take to get my garments?

Six weeks is standard production time plus one week from time of you’re in showroom fitting if fine-tuning is needed from our tailor. Four Week Rush orders are available for an upcharge.

How long does my appointment last?

Your first appointment, you will want to budget one hour to select your fabrics and to take your individual measurements. Your follow- up fitting takes roughly 30 minutes.

If I do not live near a showroom can I still order clothes?

Unfortunately, to produce your clothes you would need to meet face-to-face with one of our custom stylists. We need to ensure that your unique measurements are properly taken to best create your custom garments. It’s OK though you’re coming to Florida…have some fun in our sun!

Do you do weddings and groomsman parties?

Yes! At Jaxson Maximus, we specialize in weddings and event dress. We offer wedding packages and host groomsmen’s parties. Learn more about our wedding packages and groomsmen parties. 

Can I bring my clothes to be tailored at your store?

Yes! Please bring your garments to our in-house tailor shop for repair or schedule a time to work with our in-house tailor.

Can you do appointments at another location besides your showroom?

Yes! Although coming into our showroom is highly recommended for the full experience our custom stylists will work with you to do your appointment at your home or office. Check out our in-home or office appointments. 

Do you receive complimentary drinks during your appointment?

Yes! Drinks include alcohol, coffee, soda, water, etc. Alcoholic beverages are a two-drink maximum with your appointment.

How many fabrics do you have to pick from?

We carry only the most prestigious fabrics from the top Italian, Australian and English mills. We have over 5,000 fabrics to select from mills such as Scabal, Ariston, Holland & Sherry, Dormeiul, Gladson, Soktas, Marzoni, and Holland & Sherry as a few examples. Although we do have a wide range of fabrics, your custom stylists will work with you to select the best options for you.

I have been buying made-to-measure clothes off the rack for years. Why would I want to switch to custom?

Custom clothing is measured anthropometrically to fit every comfort point on your body, for example, we subscribe your precise pant rise so no excess fabric hangs below the crotch making an exceptionally comfortable pant. Another example would be that we measure your torso in four exact positions and design your shirts so there is just enough fabric to avoid your placket from popping while you are in a seated position and your stomach is at it’s most expanded point. There are many more examples and we encourage you to ask our custom stylists but we will warn you – it’s very addicting!

Do you make clothes that I can pick off the rack and take home (made-to-measure)?

No, all of our garment s are custom made for you per order. We do carry in stock accessories such as neckwear, bowties, pocket squares, jeans, luggage and footwear that can be purchased and taken home same day.

I have bought a custom outfit and I have lost/gained weight what do I do?

If your measurements change for any reason, please talk to your custom stylist about updating your measurement portfolio. Basic alterations are complimentary from one year of your purchase date which include side seams in or out up t o 2”, shortening or lengthening sleeves and pant bottoms, taking in or letting out waist and hips up to 2” and taking in shirt sides up to 2”. If after one year you need a recut due to extreme weight loss or gain at any time, we are happy to check your garments in to our full service tailor shop at customers expense.

Can you make garments that observe Shatnez?

We make custom garments that meet very strict quality control methods to ensure that Shatnez is avoided in custom clothes ordered with the specific requirement of being Shatnez compliant.

We are very proud to have served, and continue to serve, our clients from the Orthodox Jewish Community.