In-Home Or Office Clothing Consultations

Our Closet Clean Out Consultation Process

Complimentary with the purchase of one of our custom clothing packages, the closet cleanout is the best way to update your current wardrobe.  

Without custom clothing package purchase – $250 + cost of alterations and or dry cleaning.

wardrobe consultation

Our Consultation Process

During your appointment, we will help you divide your current wardrobe into three sections:


Can’t be repaired, out of date, does not fit, or will never wear. 

We will take the garments with us and donate them in your name to a local charity.


If clothing is up to date but needs a tune-up, we will gather all of these items and make the appropriate alterations. Clients will be billed for alterations services at the current rates in our full-service tailor shop and any dry cleaning services needed will be done by our preferred dry cleaning vendor, Anjila Dry Cleaning located in the Panorama Tower.


Once your dedicated Jaxson Maximus Custom Stylist has dissected all the elements of your wardrobe into these three sections, they can make excellent recommendations as to the holes that need to be filled and put an appropriate wardrobe plan into action for you. Your custom clothing stylist will take care of everything from measurements to all the details needed for your new Jaxson Maximus custom garments.

Jaxson Maximus Custom Clothing
Custom Suit Jaxson Maximus

*Note: If dry cleaning is necessary before our alterations, we will have our preferred dry cleaner clean your garments and charge you for the dry cleaning services. Any loss of garments or damage to garments by Anjila dry cleaners will be subject to their terms and conditions, and replacement value is determined by Anjila dry cleaners.

Any loss of garments or damage to the garments by our Jaxson Maximus tailor shop will be subject to the terms and conditions and replacement value determined by the Jaxson Maximus Tailor shop. Please see more detail in our Terms & Conditions

Turnaround time on alterations is typically one week unless we need to dry clean, which will add to the delivery time at least 3 to 5 days. If there is a large volume of clothing to be altered delivery times will increase. We will deliver or have ready for pick up at Jaxson Maximus in stages if needed.

Chemical Treatments

At Jaxson Maximus, we specialize in men’s hair chemical treatments. Not sure what treatment works for you? Visit our page to discover the differences.