Father of the Bride

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Best Wedding Outfits For the Father Of the Bride

Being the father of the bride is an extra special day for you, your wife, and your daughter.

Losing a few pounds, brushing up on your dance steps, preparing a good toast and realizing you will be a little poorer when it’s all done is normal but totally worth it!

Here are some good tips to help you select the best father of the bride outfit for yourself.

If your daughters’ wedding is a formal black tie wedding, the wedding party and the attendees will be in formal black-tie attire. The tuxedo style and color may be pre-determined by your daughter as she may want you in the same exact tuxedo as the groomsman. If this is the case then you have no choice. If you are given the choice then the best option would be a single button, peak lapel black or midnight navy custom-made tuxedo.

If your daughter’s wedding is semi-formal, the wedding party will be in black tie attire but the attendees and father of the bride and groom can wear formal black-tie attire or a dark dressy suit and tie. The bride and groom usually provide the direction as to the best choice.

Come see us at Jaxson Maximus and we will make sure you look your best for this special day.