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Custom tuxedo


Over 100+ yeas of history, only a few hundred years of fabric are produced worldwide


Only one garment in the world will be exclusively crafted just for you


We capture your unique fit through our one-of-a-kind experience every time

A True Luxury Custom Experience here in Miami

The keys to a great custom tuxedo here in Miami is in the fit. From the materials of the custom tuxedo, the style of the bow tie, your interior jacket lining to the style of your formal shoes, it is all in the little details.

Whether you are looking for a traditional custom black tuxedo or something a little more unique, every individual who enters our Custom Clothier House at Jaxson Maximus Miami is offered an experience as limitless as their imagination.

Your unique experience begins with a creative conversation with one of our custom stylists, who have all undergone extensive and intensive training in the art of formal custom wear.

In addition to our custom tuxedos, our stylists have an eye for helping you select the best formal accessories to complete your formal outfit.

Your custom tuxedo is guaranteed to make you stand out here in Miami in all the right ways.


The possibilities for personalizing your custom tuxedo here in Miami are nearly endless. Unexpected linings, luxurious buttons, and other finishing touches are all considered as a part of your final design. 

Although there are thousands of customizable combinations available, here are some options for inspiration:

  • Lapel style & width
  • Personalized interior lining
  • Pleated or non-pleated formal trouser
  • Style & fit of your formal shirt
  • Style of formal jacket (single breasted vs. double-breasted)
  • First button placement on formal jacket
  • Suspender or formal brace choice
  • Thread colors
  • Bow tie or formal necktie
  • Formal vest or cummerbund (just kidding – no one wears cummerbunds anymore!)
  • Formal socks and shoes
  • Stud-set and cufflink sets
  • And much more…