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Keratin vs hair botox, vs relaxer

Keratin Treatment

Starts At $120 | +/- 60 minutes

Keratin treatment is a semi-permanent specialized chemical process treatment that is used to reduce frizziness and straighten the hair while also adding a protective layer to the hair, making it appear silky smooth, and shiny. A Keratin treatment will help make unruly curly or wavy hair straighter and smoother. It will help you significantly reduce the amount of time you spend every day on your hair.

A keratin treatment is different from a chemical relaxer in that it is temporary. A chemical relaxer will offer permanent results, while keratin will naturally fade as you wash and cut your hair. With a keratin treatment, you will see results that typically last anywhere from 2-4 months, based on how much your hair grows and how often you wash your hair. 

After you receive your treatment, it is essential that you only use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditions.

Overall benefits of Keratin Treatments:

  • Eliminates curls and waves for a straight appearance 
  • It makes your hair more manageable 
  • Removes frizz
  • It makes your hair look healthy and shiny 
  • Adds a glossy appearance 
  • Fills in protein gaps in the hair

Service can be combined with hair botox treatments. 

Hair Botox

Starts At $100 | +/- 60 minutes

Hair botox is a specialized non-chemical conditioning treatment that infuses your hair with ceramides derived from Meadow’s Foam providing a protective barrier for all hair types. It will reduce frizziness and repair any damage to your hair without any harsh chemicals.
Hair botox treatments will offer semi-permanent results that typically last anywhere from 2-4 months, based on how much your hair grows and how often you wash your hair. We recommend having your treatment done every 3 months to ensure that you have strong and healthy hair.
hair botox

Relaxer Treatment

Starts At $65 | +/- 60 minutes

A relaxer treatment is a chemical processing treatment used to straighten and “relax” the natural curls in your hair. Relaxers reduce the texture of the curls from the inside of your hair strand, leaving the hair permanently straighten. Depending on your hair’s texture and length, results can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks before needing to re-touch the natural growth.

A relaxer is typically the most powerful chemical treatment used on hair. If you have super tight curls or want a very permanent result, you would want to get a relaxer treatment.

hair botox

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