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Hair Max Hair Regrowth

The Science Of Hair Growth

Have you noticed that your hairbrush is fuller than normal? Are you starting to see loose hairs appear on your clothes, furniture, and floors?

Along with that, you may see small areas where your hair is becoming much thinner than usual. Even though hair loss is a natural everyday process, it can be discouraging to lose your hair faster than others. Every man and woman will experience hair loss at some point.

Hereditary hair loss can start as early as in your mid 20’s, but more than half of the male populace will be affected by hair loss in their 50s. 

For assistance in dealing with hair loss, look to our salon industry experts at Jaxson Maximus to help you curate a solution for your hair loss needs.


Each situation is unique and there are options for dealing with every level of alopecia or hair loss. At Jaxson Maximus, we partnered with HairMax®, the leader in hair growth technology.

HairMax® is recognized as the pioneer of at-home laser hair regrowth technology and is the undisputed global leader in the field. By developing one of only four FDA Cleared, clinically proven hair growth laser medical devices, that treat hair loss, HairMax® works to reverse hair thinning while providing breakthrough hair growth benefits without drugs or harmful side effects.

We are extremely excited to introduce their newest technology. A non-invasive way to examine your scalp, to ensure there is a living hair follicle. Using Derma scope technology, one of our stylists are able to see your hair follicle in real-time to determine if your hair has the ability to regenerate and grow back. This will give us the opportunity to see which Hairmax Laser works best for you and customize your hair growth experience.

No one wants to go on this journey alone, and we are here to make the process just a little easier. We’ll set up monthly check-ins to take before and after photos to track your progress.

We recommend these appointments include our Hair Botox treatments. This treatment allows the scalp to have a clean, fresh canvas to help regrow and repair your hair. The Hair Botox conditioning properties, stimulate and revitalizes your scalp, allowing for clean healthy skin to regenerate hair growth.