The Best Men’s Haircut in 2023 For Any Hair Type

The Best Men’s Haircut in 2023 For Any Hair Type

There have been so many trending men’s haircuts throughout the years. From bringing it back to the 80s with a high and tights look or a more modern and fun textured haircut selecting the perfect haircut for your facial shape can be a real challenge. But it’s always about how you express yourself through your style.

At Jaxson Maximus, our experienced team of salon experts have compiled a list of the top men’s haircut of 2023 that will look good on any hair type or texture.


Keep the sides & back of your head short and skin faded to create a smooth transition fade. Keep it short for a clean-cut look, or add some length for that relaxed messier appearance. The faded crew cut is a great haircut if you like to fade your beard. Our Jaxson Maximus Styling Wax will help control any flyaways or tame those long looks with separation and texture.

Maintenance on this cut is every 7-10 days to keep the clean lines and faded effort. For those who like to see their barber over a longer period, this is a great cut to let grow out without your hair looking like a mess in between haircuts. 

Undercut Fade with a side part:

Bring us back to the days of men in suits and cigars with the undercut fade with a side part. For those who like to keep it classy, fade the sides but keep the top long while adding in that side part. This gives the effort of a clean, well-kept, polished look. 

Maintenance on this haircut varies on how fast your hair grows and how tight you like your fade. Skin and bald fades require a cut every 7-10 days. Mid fades to tapes approximately two weeks, or whenever that part grows in. Sometimes, we want to cut the sides, leave the top long, and push over like a pompadour.

Style with our Jaxson Maximus Pompadour Pomade. With a great hold and flexibility, this will keep the hair from falling into your side part and give an effortless look.

Classic Gentlemen’s Cut

For those who want a clean, classic look, stick to the basics. No fades, no tapes, just a clean cut on the sides and back with a long-length top. This haircut will allow you to run your fingers through your hair and keep it classic and clean.

This cut will work with almost all hair textures and not require too much maintenance. On average, this cut might require you to visit the barber every two weeks to clean up the sides and back while leaving the top more free-flowing. But, again, it’s about you and your style.

To keep up appearances, the Gentlemen’s Cut does require a little more effort at home than the other cuts. We recommend our Jaxson Maximus Texture Spray to create that effortless volume. Finish with our Flexible Hold Hairspray to give you the ability to hold and shine with a playful style.

Classic long haircut

This cut is best suited for a stylist to cut rather than a barber. Your stylist can tape the side and edges while giving you a clean look when you neatly pull your hair back. They will also be able to provide you with that textured, beach-like “I’m here to have a good time” look. 

Our team recommends our Jaxson Maximus Texture Spray for your weekend look and our gel for those more professional-looking days.

Classic Gentlemen’s Cut

Keep it simple. Short on the sides, no fades, and longer on the top while slicking it back. You don’t have to blow dry it. Just let it land where it wants to. Slicked back, clean and sophisticated. That’s usually our tried and true.

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