Want The Closest Shave of Your Life? Try Shaving Against The Grain

The big debate: should men be shaving against the grain or with the grain? Surprisingly, this is one of the most common questions men ask about shaving. If you were to ask the Jaxson Maximus professional team of barbers, which is better shaving against the grain or with it, their answer would be “well it depends.”

The reason is simple: hair naturally grows in all different directions, especially around the chin and neck area. The hairs on your neck might be pointing upwards while those on your sides might be facing right. Every person is different, and so is their hair.

Even if you think your hair naturally falls in one direction or the other, when looking closer, you will start to notice that not all hair follicles follow the same path.


Shaving Against The Grain And Shaving With The Grain-Whats The Big Difference?

Shaving with the grain means that you shave your hair in one direction which you believe is the way that a majority of your hair falls. The easiest way to identify which way a majority of your hair falls is to spend a minute in the mirror and rub your finger up and down the area of hair which you are trying to shave.

If you feel a “scratchy” or “stubby” feeling that is the opposite direction in which your hair grows. The smoother side would be the one in which you would shave, thus shaving with the grain.

On the flip side, shaving against the grain means shaving in the direction in which you feel that “scratchy” feeling, almost as if you are rubbing your hand across the back of a dog in the opposite direction of their fur.


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Who Would  Want To Try Shaving Against The Grain 

Shaving against the grain is 100% not for everyone. Those that have sensitive skin or that are prone to redness should try and avoid shaving against the grain. The reason is that when you start are shaving against the grain, the blade of your razor tugs at the hair follicles in the opposite direction of your skin. For some, this could cause irritation and inflammation, depending on your skin’s reaction.


Why You Should Shave Against The Grain


1) The Closest Shave Of Your Life 

Perhaps the biggest reasons why individuals want to try shaving against the grain is to get a super close shave. Shaving against the grain can help remove any hairs on the skin despite what direction they fall in. If you are shaving with the grain chances are that your razor is not picking up on all of the areas of hair that it could.

If you are looking for baby smooth skin shaving against the grain is a must!


2) Speeding Up Your Grooming Routine 

If done correctly shaving against the grain can significantly speed up your grooming routine. The main reason is that you are not missing any patches of hair that you would otherwise need to go back in and re-shave.


3) Reduce Razor Bumps and Irritation 

If done correctly, shaving against the grain can help reduce irritation and razor bumps on the skin. The main reason is that when you shave against the grain, you are not tugging on the hairs. Using the tradition shaving with the grain technique can pull on the hair follicles instead of fully removing them. This can create tiny micro-tears in the skin, causing irritation and razor bumps.

By shaving against the grain, you are ensuring that the hairs are entirely removed from the skin, reducing any possible chances of irritation.


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5 Steps To Take Before Trying Shaving Against The Grain 


1) Map Out Your Face 

Before starting the shaving process, mapping out your face is an absolute must. When you go into a barbershop, this is typically the first step that every trained professional will do before they even touch your hair. Knowing the shape of your hairline and also the direction of your hair growth will allow you to get a super close shave.


2) Take It Slow

When shaving against the grain, it is important to take it slow with the razor. The reason most individuals end up with ingrown hairs or redness is that they try and go to quick. If you do not take a second and slow down with the razor chances are you are going to make a mistake and accidentally cut yourself


3) Use A Light Hand 

When shaving against the grain, you want to go in with a light hand vs. pushing too hard on the razor. Pushing too hard on the razor can cause the skin to get caught in the blade accidentally. This can cause redness, irritation, scarring, and even an infection.


4) Always Use A Fresh Razor 

By using a light hand and a fresh blade, you reduce the risk of any possible mishaps while shaving against the grain. When shaving, you want to make sure that your razor glides across your skin without tugging on it. This will help reduce the chance of getting razor bumps and increase the comfort level of your shave.

Remember, a fresh blade always works best when shaving.


5) Apply An After Shave Balm 

Just like you would take the proper steps to prep your skin for shaving, you want to make sure your skin can handle the aftereffects. Applying a pre-shave balm or aftershave lotion every single time you finish your shave is the best way to restore the skins natural moisture levels. This can help reduce inflammation, irritation, and razor bumps.


Final Thoughts

When finished with your shaving routine, your skin should feel silky smooth. Although this is an effective technique, it is 100% not right for every person. The best way to know for sure is to give it a go and see how your skin feels afterward. It may take a few tried, but we promise it is worth all of the effort!

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