The Complete Guide On How To Style & Maintain Men’s Long Hair

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We love a guy with long hair! But sometimes, it can be intimating for men on how to maintain and style longer hair. Healthy hair starts at the roots. Before growing your hair, it is important to remember that long hair requires much more maintenance than shorter hair. While micro-manage is not necessary, you must at least supervise your new long locks.

At Jaxson Maximus, we’ve taken the guesswork out. Our team of experienced stylists has put together this amazing guide on everything you need to know to maintain men’s long hair.

If I Have Long Hair, Should I Be Washing My Hair Everyday?

First and foremost, let’s start with how you’re washing and conditioning your hair before we jump into styling. We recommend not washing your hair daily if you are trying to keep the length. We know that’s the hardest thing to do because you work out, you’re outside, and just the normal sweat, but trust us, it’ll be worth it. Not washing your hair every day allows the scalp to create its own natural oils. These oils help maintain the health and integrity of your scalp so you can grow beautiful long hair. 

Over washing your hair strips the scalp of its natural oils. This could leave your hair feeling very brittle, dry, and damaged. We recommend washing every other day at a maximum. Although, washing twice a week is ideal. 

How Do I Maintain My Long Hair If I Am A Guy

Shampoo & Conditioner:

Your styling products are the tools in your tool kit to get get the job done. It is not only important to invest in the right styling products for your hair type and texture but to invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. In addition, you want to look for products that will not dry out the hair.

For a good quality shampoo and condition, we recommend our Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner duo by Jaxson Maximus. Our products were designed for the modern man. Our stylists use our duo every day on our long hair men clients to get the best overall wash for their long hair.

We recommend shampooing twice when you wash your hair right on the root area. As you train your hair not to be washed every day, your first wash using shampoo might not produce any suds. Don’t worry; the first wash is intended to just remove the dirt buildup on the hair. During your second wash, you should notice the suds’ buildup. When conditioning, only apply the mid strand to the ends of your hair. Let it sit in for a few minutes before rinsing to give your hair the best overall texture.


When styling your hair, the healthiest way to dry it is to let it air dry. Towel dry as much excess water as possible while applying a small amount of your favorite professional styling product. We recommend our Jaxson Maximus foaming mousse to give some fullness and definition. Comb the product through the hair with a wide tooth comb. This allows the product to saturate each strand. Then, pull it back with a hair tie, or let it fly free.

If blowdrying, follow the steps above and add some Maximus Texture Spray to give your hair some grit. Take a well-vented brush and a blow-drier on medium heat and blow dry to the desired style.

Pulling Your Hair Back:

To keep your long hair under control, you might want to keep a few hair accessories around. When pulling the hair back, we recommend using fascinators not made of rubber or plastic, as those ties tend to tear the hair. You never want to pull your hair too tight, especially in the front. In the long term, this can lead to bald spots starting to develop around the front hairline.

If your hair does tend to get tangled while you sleep, we recommend using a satin or silk pillowcase. The glossy fabric will help remove static from your hair while you sleep, helping to reduce frizziness and tangling dramatically.


How To Towel Dry Long Hair For Men

When drying your hair with a towel, try to be as delicate with the towel as possible. Rough drying your hair can lead to the strands becoming tangled and eventually breaking odd. Rough drying might also cause additional cuticle damage, leading to frizziness and split ends.

To prevent breakage with a towel, we recommend shaking out any excess water and stroking your hair lightly in the direction the hair grows rather than excessively rubbing the towel back and forth throughout the hair.

How Often Should I Cut My Hair

If you start to notice some damage due to breakage, don’t worry. This is a natural process of growing out the hair. The only way to eliminate hair damage is to cut off the damage. We recommend going for a routine trim every six to eight weeks to remove any damage to your ends.

If you color or bleach your hair, you will need to go in every two to four weeks to remove the damage.


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