Your Complete Guide To Men’s Hair Color | Hair Color Tips & Ideas To Keep In Mind

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At Jaxson Maximus, we get this question almost every day “how can you make me look younger”? Everyone wants to look great and feel younger. If you are not ready to embrace your silver fox status, then dying your hair is the next best step. We aren’t saying that if you’re 50 yrs old, that coloring your hair will make you look 25. But it can shed a couple of years off.

We understand that going grey isn’t for everyone, but when is the right time to start coloring your hair? At Jaxson Maximus, our salon industry experts have put together this fantastic guide to help you understand how to effectively cover up your grey hair without being noticeable to everyone.


Before we dive into more detail, let us start with the basics. Make sure you do your research on the salon that you will be visiting before your appointment. You want to ensure that they use a high-quality product that will not only last during the regrow stage but will not damage your hair.

You want to visit a salon, not solely a barbershop for your hair coloring appointment, as you will want to see a stylist, not a barber. All hairstylists will undergo color chemistry training as part of their formal education while not all barbers may be educated in hair color. Difference between a hairstylist and a barber.

For example, at Jaxson Maximus, we use one of the most premium color lines out there called Goldwell. Goldwell not only conditions the hair from the inside, but it will last on the hair throughout its natural regrowth process. It also covers the range of natural hair colors, including permanent color, semi and demi color, as well as (our favorite) ReShade to help cover your hair.


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If you are thinking of coloring your hair, you should, at all costs, avoid buying in-store box hair dye. These store-bought box dyes contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that could lead to permanent damage to your hair and scalp.

Instead of using box dye, you want to look for a color line that only contains premium grade ingredients, like Goldwell, for example.

There are three different color types that you can apply to your hair; Topchic – permanent hair color, Colorance – semi/demi-permanent hair color, and Reshades (our go-to favorite). Each color treatment requires regular maintenance to maintain the longevity of your color and your hair.

Top chic will cover those stubborn greys, leaving the hair feeling hydrated, youthful, and shiny. This process generally takes 45 minutes, from application to processing time. With a Top chic application, the color will penetrate the hair follicle and add pigment to the grey/white hair. If you have stubborn/resistant greys, we highly recommend this type of hair color.

Permanent hair color does have it’s upkeep. As the hair grows, you will start seeing the greys reappear, and you will start noticing that regrowth line. We recommend getting a retouch every 4-5 weeks, depending on how dark or light your color is.

If you want a little less maintenance, you can opt-in for our Colorance or Reshades. Our semi or demi-permanent color can cover the grey or mask your greys’ appearance. These hair colors will provide a more natural finish to your hair, making it less noticeable when you color your hair.


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Being located in Miami, we come across this question a lot from our clients. The diverse population of Miami gives us a wide range of natural hair colors and textures. The basic rule to follow is if you want a natural look, look at your eyebrows’ natural color.



Like with any hair service, the most crucial step is having a thorough consultation with your stylist before doing anything. Be open and honest on what you are looking for. Come equipped with questions and pictures/inspiration-they help! Explain to them how much time and money you’re willing to invest in your hair. This gives us a great guide on what type of color and style will best suit you.

Understand your stylist isn’t a magician and that your existing hair texture and color will dictate what we can achieve in one session.


Some will want a grey touch to peek through still, as others will want a full-coverage color. If you are looking for a more natural grey coverup, you would want to opt-in for our Goldwell Reshade. Cut and color within an hour, Reshade will process up to 7 minutes. This means, if you short on time, this is your best option! Reshade lasts up to 10 days. Usually, if you get your haircut every 2 weeks, you’ll be able to maintain this quick and easy upkeep.

If you prefer a little less maintenance and like to come in once a month, our Goldwell Colorance is better suited for you. You’ll be here a little longer, as the timing for processing is up to 20 minutes. This type of hair color naturally washes out with the frequency in which you wash your hair. Over time, this hair color will naturally fade without that harsh line as a permanent color would.

If you want a foolproof grey coverup, you would want to opt for a permanent color. For this, we recommend Goodwill’s TopChic. This color won’t wash out. You would need to come in every 2-3 weeks for darker tones, 3-5 weeks for lighter tones to maintain your color. This process is the longest of them all, up 2 hours for a color and haircut.

As we mentioned earlier, depending on the color system you use will determine your frequency in visits to the salon. Once you’ve found your stylist, we recommend making a standing appointment. Remember, it’s anywhere from 2-5 weeks you’ll need to maintain that handsome look. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep up on all your other grooming needs at the same time, shaves, face waxing, hand grooming; we’ll always keep you looking your best.


To ensure that you maintain your salon-quality color, we highly recommend using only professional products suited for colored hair. Avoid using store-bought products as these generally contain harmful ingredients for that hair that will wash out your hair color.

Most professional products are sulfate and paraben-free so that it wouldn’t strip the color from your hair and leave it dry and brittle. We recommend our JaxMax HD Color Shampoo and Conditioner to help your color look natural and healthy.

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