Top 6 Benefits Of Getting A Facial


They say it’s like a car wash but just for your face. Just as you would take your car to get detailed by a professional, your face should be deep cleaned by a skincare professional. At Jaxson Maximus, we specialize in crafting only high-quality facials for our clients. Our skincare experts have put together this guide detailing all of the benefits of getting a facial.

What Is A Facial

At a basic level, a facial is just what it sounds like, a cleansing, tone, extracts, mask, followed by a face and neck massage. A facial can take on many different properties depending on what type of facial you decide to do. Ideally, it would be best if you were getting a regular facial every 4-6 weeks. This allows you to come in for some relaxation and a deep cleansing of the skin to rid all of the season’s environmental build-up.

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Benefits Of A Facial

#1) Facials are a Tune-up for Your Face

For generations, people have used facials to detox the skin. This is one of the biggest added benefits of getting a facial. Each facial starts with a deep cleansing of the skin (sometimes more than one cleanser is used), and steam is added to help open the pores and allow the cleanser to give a deep clean of all the excess oil and dirt build-up.

#2) Remove blackheads & Reduce Acne

Removing excess oil and puss is the name of the game. Your skin care professional will manually and safely pop zits while getting rid of any other pustules causing clogging. Think of squeezing a pimple on your own, but when done by a professional, it eliminates the possibility of damaging the skin and any infections. By applying alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol to the skin, it helps reduce the appearance of pore size and promotes a more even skin tone. 

As extractions are not always a very comfortable experience, most skin care professionals will give you the option to include them in your facial (we always advise that you should get the most benefit from your experience).

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#3) Exfoliates The Skin

We are exposed to daily environmental exposures and toxins. The exfoliation process helps eliminate toxins and dead skin cells while also improving the skin’s overall tone and pore size appearance. Exfoliation also helps products penetrate the skin deeper and help them work better. 

Exfoliating at home is excellent and helpful, but professional exfoliation is even better. Skincare professionals are able to use high concentrate products such as a chemical exfoliator, which uses acids or enzymes to break the bonds between skin cells and remove them. This allows them to get into the too deep layers of the skin to remove all the toxins.

#4) Getting a Facial Is a Good Way to Understand Your Skin

Your skincare therapist is able to look at your skin and see what you can’t see in a mirror. For example, if you are using the correct products for your skin type. Think of it as having a mechanic look at your car when it’s in for an oil change. This is the best way to understand your skin needs, your skin type, and how it’s changed with time. This allows your skincare professional to make the proper skin care product recommendations to help you achieve your skincare goals.

#5) Professionals Have Better Tools

Just think your mechanic has better tools and equipment to fix your car. The same rules apply to your skincare professional. Take into consideration that your skincare professional can use high-frequency machines that allow them to penetrate the skin deeper than you can at home. This allows them to get in and clean up those pores and get out that unwanted dead skin and oils. 

While not all facials will include such high-tech equipment, they are becoming more mainstream and allow for more efficient results. Remember to ask for the best at-home maintenance routine and always consult with your professional before receiving specialty services. 

#6) Feel Relaxed

The most beneficial thing about a facial is that hour of relaxation. Away from family, screens, and just your normal day-to-day run around. You can relax and get your skin looking fresh and renewed in only one hour. It forces you to say bye to the world and have just a few moments of me-time.

Benefits Of A Facial


You can shave before, but you don’t have to. Shaving will serve as a natural way to exfoliate. Unless you have extremely sensitive skin or a not-so-overgrown beard, you don’t have to shave if you don’t want to. 

We recommend trimming down larger and longer types of beards, allowing your skincare professional access to provide a deep cleansing and hydrating facial. In addition, it’ll help improve the look and feel of your beard too!


You may or may not break out after a facial or have minor sensitivity. Remember, you allow all the impurities in your skin to come to the surface, so there may be a chance for some small breakouts over the next few days.


As relaxing as a facial can be, no one likes someone picking at impurities on their face. So for about 7-9 minutes of your facial, you may feel some slight discomfort. Don’t be after to let your skin care professional know that it’s uncomfortable and that you wish to stop if need be. Then sit back and relax for the remainder of your service. The rest is bliss from here.

Our best advice is to find someone you are most comfortable with. Make sure your skincare professional is open and honest with you, as you should be with them. Allow them to make recommendations about your at-home maintenance and schedule yourself for a deep cleanse every quarter. Remember, a facial is like a tune-up. Every 3000 or so miles, your hot rod needs to go in for maintenance, and so do you.

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