7 Easy Steps On How To Trim Your Mustache From Our Experienced Team Of Barbers

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There was a time when no self-respecting gentleman would leave their house without sporting a mustache. Somewhere along the line, the mustache lost its way. The good news is that the mustache has made a massive comeback. 

Sporting a mustache exudes manliness. However, if not properly maintained, it can go wrong real quick. Whether you want to change up your look or are looking to ride out the latest trend, it is just as vital that you know how to properly maintain and trim your mustache.

Mustaches should not be seen as being any different than other facial hair. It takes an incredible amount of patience and a bit of skill to pull it off, but in the end, it will all be worth the wait. 

Here at Jaxson Maximus, we have a talented team of barbers. Our barbers have put together this guide to show you mustache maintenance techniques and the proper steps on how you should trim your mustache.


A big question we get is if men should use scissors or a trimmer when cutting their mustaches. The answer is, that it depends. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable with using, as in the end it will give you the same result. For first-timers or those who want to do more intricate designs, we recommend using scissors as it will provide you with slightly more control.


No matter if you are trying to grow out your beard or any other facial hair, you have to start with the basics. There is no point in putting in the effort of styling your hair if your mustache is growing out thin and patchy. You have to have enough hair to justify breaking out the trimmers. 

Depending on your skin, genetics, and your hair growth rate, the time it takes for growing out your stash can vary. Typically, it will take most men between two and three weeks for a mustache to take shape. 

If possible, try to avoid shaving anything for at least a week or until you can see your mustache start to fill in. 

how to trim your mustache


Before you pick up your trimmers, you must have all of the right tools available to you at your disposal. This includes items such as your beard comb, scissors, trimmer (whichever you prefer), and a mirror. You also want to make sure that you trim any of your facial hair in a well-lit area. You don’t want to shave off half of your stash accidentally! 

We recommend that you always clean your mustache before trimming. This will help rid your mustache of all dirt and debris that may have gotten left behind. Mot only that, but washing your mustache will help soften the hair follicles, making them easier to cut.

how to trim your mustache


Using a comb when trimming your mustache is an absolute must. For one, it helps straighten out the hairs make it a lot easier to cut. Combing in a downward direction helps stray hairs and split end stay in place. In short, combing allows you to see the length of the hairs better, giving you a better direction of where to cut and where not to. 

Pro Tip: Quality of your comb matters. Cheaper combs are made of lower quality plastics and presses, which could spell big trouble for your hair. Cheaper combs are more likely to pull, cut, and tear on your hairs while grooming due to unfilled jagged edges during the manufacturing process. 

We recommend investing in a quality comb made out of wood or other natural materials.

how to trim your mustache


Start by trimming the hairs closest to your upper lip first. Start with the outside edges and work your way to the center of your lips. Follow the line of your upper lip, making small cuts along the way until you get your desired length. Don’t leave to much spacing between the cuts. 

Pro Tip: When cutting your facial hair, always do it dry. Wet hair can make the mustache appear longer than it is without even realizing it. You don’t want to end up cutting off more than you were supposed to. 

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After you are satisfied with the length of your lower stash, it is time to move on to the upper portion. Start by trimming the area just below your nose. You don’t want your nose hairs blending into your mustache. Not a good look on anyone!

The shape and style of your mustache depend on personal preference. If you do choose to cut more, we recommend trimming the top of your mustache at a 45-degree angle working down towards your lips to give it a fuller appearance. 

how to trim your mustache


There is a fine line between looking like a caterpillar sat on your face, and having a mustache that the person across the room would not even recognize. We recommend that if your mustache starts to look on the bushy side of the scale that you use a comb and scissors to help remove some of the thickness. 

Comb your mustache upward so that the hairs extend just past the teeth of the comb. Then trim the excess hairs with either a pair of scissors or a trimmer. Try to trim only a small but when thinning your mustache. You can always trim more, but you can’t ever go back. 

how to trim your mustache


While not required, some mustaches can use a little help from styling products. This is especially true if you are trying to give your stash some more definition. These products do not have to be mustache specific. If they are made for your hair or beard, they will work just the same. 

 If you are going for that “twisted up look,” try using a styling wax. If you are getting some dryness beneath your mustache, try rubbing in some beard oil to add moisture back to the skin.

how to trim your mustache

All-in-all to trim your mustache is really up to you and how you want to wear it. If you have any further questions on haircare or would like to learn more about Jaxson Maximus give us a call at (305) 262-5747.

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