Beach Wedding Attire For Men | Beach Wedding Dress Codes

beach wedding attire for men

No matter the venue, a man should always look his best when attending a wedding. Beach weddings are, by nature, inherently more laid back than any other type of wedding. If you have been invited to a formal beach wedding and are not in the wedding party, you still want to put your best foot forward as a guest. 

Below, our custom stylists at Jaxson Maximus put together a great guide on wedding attire for men that will help you put together a great look and enjoy the day.

What Is The Beach Wedding Dress Code

Beach formal is very similar to resort casual. A good analogy to give you guidance would be this; let’s say you’re going on a very nice summer retreat with your company, and on the final night, you’ve been invited to a beach reception and dinner with all of your partners and associates. You would want to wear what you would wear to that big event with all of your peers to a formal beach wedding.

A beach wedding compromises of the most formal attire you can wear to the beach without looking entirely out of place. 

beach wedding attire for men

Do: Wear Summer Cloth.

Some popular summer cloth selections would be cotton, silk, linen, seersucker, and bamboo. All of these fabric options are lightweight and very breathable. Not only do these fabrics tend to be suited for warmer climates, but they are sporty casual in their nature.

Don't: Wear a Business Suit.

Save the business suit for the office. Beach weddings typically are more laid back than any other type of wedding. If you decide to wear a business suit as a guest, you risk looking out of place, not to mention you will defiantly be sweating during the ceremony. 

Instead, if you do decide to wear a suit, we recommend sticking to those in summer cloth or brighter colors to fit in more with the vibe. 

beach wedding attire for men

Do: Wear A Lighter Colored Suit

Since beach weddings are more formal then what you would typically wear to the beach, it is ok to wear a summer suit such as tan, pale blue, light olive, or white in cotton or linen. Not only do the fabrics listed above make great options for a wedding, but sticking to lighter colors will make you fit right in.

Don't: Wear Shorts and a Blazer (Unless You Are In Bermuda)

It might be ok in Bermuda, but for any other place in the world, it just looks awkward. It draws way to much attention to your outfit instead of the focus being on the bride and groom. 

beach wedding attire for men

Do: Don't Be Afraid of Color Below the Belt

Dark colors attract light to them, whereas lighter colors reflect them. Wearing lighter colors to a wedding will make you far more comfortable and less stuff then you would with let’s say a dark navy pant, for example. 

To fit in with the atmosphere of the wedding, try wearing brightly colored pants in cotton or linen. Don’t be afraid to go bold with the colors here. Try a pant in a nice mint, light yellow, tan, coral, or salmon color. 

Just remember, to avoid looking like an Easter egg, you want to keep the rest of your outfit neutral to let your pants be your fashion statement.

Don't: Wear Sandals or Flip Flops With a Suit or Dress Pants

No matter how you style it, this combination will never go together if you do decide to wear long pants to a beach wedding we recommend sticking to a pair of close-toed loafers and no show socks instead. Loafers are less casual than other closed-toed shoes but still give you that classically stylish look.

With your shoes, don’t be afraid to use color. Since beach weddings already have a tropical feel to them, colored shoes are a great way to incorporate the beach vibe to your outfit. 

Also, if you are in the sand, don’t be afraid to slip off the kicks and roll up your hem. 

beach wedding attire for men

Do: Wear a Lightweight, Soft Shoulder Unlined Blazer

Stick to blazers made from cotton, silk, linen, or bamboo. These fabrics not only fit in great with a beach wedding atmosphere, but they are very lightweight and breathable. Try pairing your blazer with a brighter colored pant such as lilac, Kelly green, or yellow. Of course, a white pant is always a great option here as well.

Don't: Wear a Cuban Cubavera Shirt

They are too casual and loungy for a formal beach wedding. Instead, opt for a short sleeve or long sleeve open button-up in linen instead. This is a great way for you to stay still comfortable while looking sharp. 

A white button-down shirt with the top two buttons undone is a classic beach wedding look that would be perfectly dressy enough for you to wear to a wedding but also be at the beach. 

beach wedding attire for men

Do: If You Are Leaving Your Jacket At Home, Wear a Great Linen Pant and Shirt Combination

Wearing head-to-toe linen is a very popular option for beach weddings. Not only is lien a good casual look, it is a smart choice for a beach wedding because it is very breathable and has natural wicking properties to draw moisture away from the body, keeping you cool all day long.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Lose the Tie

Even if you are wearing a button-up shirt forgoing the tie is a good idea for the beach. You will be far more comfortable and don’t have to worry about your tie flowing back in the wind throughout the ceremony. 

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Getting married on the beach is a great time, no matter if you are the bride and groom or a guest. Want to learn more about what you should be wearing to a beach wedding? Give us a call at (305) 262-5747


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