Jaxson Maximus Customer Spotlight Series: Kurt and Fernando Eyre

Customer Spotlight Series

We created this series to highlight our clients, their unique stories, their businesses, and how they discovered Jaxson Maximus. This week we feature Kurt and Fernando Eyre.

About Kurt & Fernando:

Kurt: Lord Kurt Eyre is a British Real Estate Professional Living in Miami with his husband, Fernando. He met Fernando in the Fall of 2017 here in downtown Miami and finally married with a post covid wedding in Marbella, Spain, in September 2021. Kurt’s interests are real estate developments, meeting new people, traveling the world, and the love of their French Bulldog called Mantequilla.

Fernando: Fernando is the Founder & CEO of Rapid Translators LLC, a worldwide translation company based in Miami. The company caters to all aspects of translation services such as in-person translations, certified document translations, and audio transcriptions. Fernando’s interests are language, traveling, and Miami’s culinary scene.



Tell Me Why You Like The Experience At Jaxson Maximus

Fernando: For me, it is quality above all else. I had a hard time finding somewhere where not only could I get a haircut but also a suit and an overall great experience all at once. We are both European, I am from Barcelona, and Kurt is from England. The culture in the States is so different than back home in Europe. At Jaxson Maximus, you get that same quality and attention to detail as you would back in Europe.

Kurt: When you go to a regular barbershop, it is just in and out. It feels like a transaction more than anything. On the contrary, when you come to Jaxson Maximus, it is an experience. You can meet the owner, Christian; he is always here to say hello when you walk in the doors. Instead of just finding a quick 20 minutes in our schedule to get a haircut, we book a whole afternoon to come down and make an experience out of it.

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Tell Me Why Having An Exceptional Experience Is Important To You

Kurt: For me, as a real estate agent, you can’t go and tell and sell a property looking “homeless”. By the way, you could still spend thousands of dollars on clothing and still give off that appearance.

For us, it is waking up in the morning knowing that if you feel smart in the way you dress, you will present yourself smartly to the world.

Fernando: If you look good, you will feel good! It is important to know that you are selling yourself as a brand every time you walk out of that door. When Kurt goes to his appointments, he always tries to dress as he could live in that house. It is confidence for the customer that they can trust you as their agent.

As president of my own company, I need to look the part. If you do not look good at the beginning, people might not trust you. By dressing well, it helps ensure an extra level of confidence to your customers.

Kurt: Some appointments you go might be medically or legally related. You do not want to show up to court in a t-shirt and shorts in front of your clients.

Tell Me When You Would Choose Jaxson Maximus Over The Competition

Fernando: Above all, the level of quality and service you receive at Jaxson Maximus. I have been to other places in the past, and I don’t remember one place I have been to more than once. Being a member of the salon at Jaxson Maximus, they have it all.

Kurt: Fernando said it best. I have never been to the same barber twice except for Jaxson Maximus. Before discovering Jaxson Maximus, we used to fly back to Europe early to get our haircuts because we wanted to go to our hairdressers that knew what we wanted. Now that we have Jaxson Maximus, we receive a world-class experience with our haircuts and our clothing.

Fernando: We trust the staff here at Jaxson Maximus so much so that we both got our wedding suits from them.

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Tell Me About Your Personal Style

Fernando: For me, I am more traditional in the way that I dress. We are both very classic, not that we are not open to new trends, but we are more traditional in our daily lives.

If we were to go back to Europe, we have our hairdressers and tailors spread throughout. Here at Jaxson Maximus, it is one place where you can go to get everything done all at once. It is easier to go, especially now living in Miami vs. in Europe.

Kurt: In the beginning, we had two or three haircuts with the Jaxson Maximus team to see the consistency. After that, we decided to invest in the membership program.

Why Did You Decide To Get Your Wedding Suits Made At Jaxson Maximus

Kurt: The one thing that drew us to get our wedding suits made here was the actual quality. Everything comes from London just like it would on Saville Row. We don’t have to travel to London since it is right here in Miami.

Fernando: We never felt rushed into making a decision. Our custom clothiers took the time to show us everything, including the fabrics, button options, and overall design. We are very picky, especially with our wedding. They truly took the time to educate us and pick the very best options for what we were looking for. Plus, we got to do it over a cold beer! Overall it was a very nice experience.

What Have You Learned Through This Experience At Jaxson Maximus

Kurt: I would love to wear more suits, but Miami is humid!

Fernando: All you need is a great summer suit down here. Since we are both more classic, we learned that investing in a high-quality tailor-made garment is worth the extra money. Most people think it is expensive, but it’s not when you think about it. This is not fast fashion. It is a garment made for you and only you.

Kurt: No one else could borrow your garments. It feels just like a second skin. It gives you an extra boost of confidence. 

We knew on our wedding date that everything would fit perfectly with no malfunctions because the suit was made for us.

How Have Your Goals & Ambitions Change Because of This Experience

Kurt: I think it is to take a little more pride in your appearance every time you walk out the door. Coming to Jaxson Maximus, it is not pretentious at all.

Fernando: When we come here, we make an afternoon out of it. We like to take a few hours out of the afternoon to sit here and take a moment to relax.

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