How To Wear A Tuxedo – A guide by Jaxson Maximus


Typically when you are asked to wear a tuxedo, it’s time to step up and look you’re very best. In nearly every case you will have your picture taken multiple times, escorting a beautiful woman or significant other, and maybe even be prompted to say a few words in front of the crowd to celebrate a special moment.

Selecting a tuxedo and knowing how to wear a tuxedo can be daunting. Here are a few tips on how to wear a tuxedo from our custom clothing experts at Jaxson Maximus.

Custom tuxedo

Seek Professional Advice

Whether you are renting, buying off the rack, or having your tuxedo custom made, spend the time to work with a professional stylist that can guide you properly through the best tuxedo models, silhouettes, and styling details that will help you look you’re very best given your body type.

If possible plan ahead and have your tuxedo custom made. The average lead time for a custom tuxedo is six weeks. Once it arrives you also want to budget a week for any fine-tuning adjustments. It’s best to plan eight weeks ahead of your event if having a custom made tuxedo is an option for you.

Pair your lapels with the proper neckwear

  • Peak lapel – bowtie or formal necktie
  • Shawl lapel – bowtie only
  • Notch lapel- bowtie or formal necktie
white-tie formal dress shoes

Finish your look with proper formal shoes

Typically a formal shoe can be patent leather – traditional calf leather or velvet. The styling characteristic of a typical formal shoe is that it is a plain toe with no perforations or designs on the toe. It’s very minimalist.

Never A Belt

Tuxedo pants are made with formal brace buttons to wear formal braces. Braces or suspenders are needed to keep your pants up while you are cutting the rug around the dance floor.

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Choose The Correct formal shirt collar

Peak lapel – looks best with a traditional spread collar formal shirt
Shaw lapel – looks great with either a wingtip or traditional spread collar formal shirt
Notch lapel – looks best with a traditional spread collar formal shirt

Questions about how to tie a bowtie? Learn more how to property tie a bowtie. 

Contrast your sock color

For a fashion touch select a colored sock that matches your colored bowtie and or lapel blossom.

Custom bespoke tuxedo

Lapel Blossom

Add some color by finishing your lapel with a lapel blossom that highlights your date’s dress, a color in the wedding, or perhaps just your favorite color.

Cufflink and stud sets

If your tuxedo shirt has a placket where studs are required. Choose your favorite jewel tone, either silver or gold with a formal stone in black onyx or white mother of pearl stud and cufflink set.

If your formal shirt does not have a placket i.e. a fly front and you just need to select your cufflinks – this is a great way to honor your father or grandfather and wear one of their cufflink sets to bring in something old to your outfit and have a great story to tell when you are complemented.

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