Luke Mayes House of Dormeuil Exclusive Interview

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Alex Kleppe, our head custom clothier at Jaxson Maximus, sat down with Luke Mayes from the House of Dormeuil for an exclusive interview on what makes Dormeuil one of the most exclusive cloth mills in the entire world. 

About Luke Mayes:

Luke has been working for the house of Dormeuil for over 30 years. Luke Mayes’ incredible journey began in Northampton, England. He moved to New Zealand with his family in the early ’70s where he flew fighter jets for the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

After honorably serving his adopted homeland, Luke was personally recruited to serve as a brand ambassador by Ashley Dormeuil, the 5th generation heir to the House of Dormeuil. Luke then moved to the United States where he established himself as the V.P. of North American Dormeuil Operations.

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About Dormeuil:

During its 170 years of history, Dormeuil has been producing the finest fabrics made of the finest materials anywhere on the planet. From Kings to Presidents, Hollywood to connoisseurs, Dormeuil continues to dress the world’s elite with timeless British elegance.

In 1842, Jules Dormeuil created a family business that would soon become world leader in supplying luxury fine cloths all over the world. Dormeuil is one of the few brands whose history, from its origins to present day, can be tracked down through famous, innovative creations, starting from 1922, when the mill launched Sportex, the first cloth to have a woven selvedge. The cloth, designed to keep warmth without restricting movement, became a must for European outdoors sportsmen.

Today Dormeuil’s fabrics is part art, part science and part nature. Following these pillars, Dormeuil feeds on the astonishing quality of carefully selected raw materials.  The noble fibers harvested for Dormeuil cloths are as diverse as the animals they come from, animals sometimes so rare that are only found in the most secluded corners of the world, like the Muskox, an ancestral beast that survived the ice age, or the Kyrgyzstan goats of the Celestial Mountains.

From Kings to Presidents, Hollywood to connoisseurs, and luxury brands like Gucci, Prada and Chanel, Dormeuil continues to dress the world’s elite with timeless British elegance.

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Why Dormeuil Cloth

Being in the custom clothing business, we are not in the cloth business but in the business of making men feel good about themselves. At Dormeuil we take that vision and transform it into a cloth that is not only luxurious but something that is uniquely crafted. Dormeuil is both exclusive and of the highest quality. 

Dormeuil only produces a certain amount of cloth. Once it is out it’s out. It is part of that exclusivity that makes a Dormeuil cloth a one-of-a-kind. Everything from the bloodline of the animal to the technology that’s available plays a part in crafting such a unique fabric.

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