What To Wear To An Interview To Make The Best First Impression


You have landed a big interview at your dream company. When you are facing that big interview, the last thing you want to be concerned about is what you are wearing. 

In a time when office dress codes are becoming more and more questionable, it can be confusing to know what to wear. At Jaxson Maximus, we are here to help. Our custom clothing stylists have prepared a great guide to help you navigate what you should be wearing for an interview. 

interviewing attire

Before You Interview, Do The Prep Work

Before you walk into the interview, really get to know the company you are interviewing for. Research the company online to determine what they wear daily. You will get a good vibe on what the company culture is like.

The person sitting across the room not only wants to make sure that you are qualified for the position but that you also would be a good fit. Try searching online for the companies social media pages to see what employees are wearing. You may even consider what company employees are wearing in their LinkedIn profile pictures. All of this will give you a good indication of the formality of the company. 

The Golden Rule Of Interview Attire

We can’t stress this enough, but first impressions count, especially on a job interview. Our golden rule at Jaxson Maximus is this, no matter what position or industry you are applying for, we always recommend showing up to a job interview in a suit and tie. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. 

Whether you are applying for a job as a banker, engineer, teacher, receptionist, etc. the type of industry sector you are applying for should not change what you wear.

What To Wear To An Interview

The First Interview

The simple idea in interviewing is not to have people notice your clothing but to notice you. It is best to be understated but to have a look of quality and refinement about yourself. 

 For your first interview, we recommend wearing a navy solid suit. Navy is the color of power. If you think about it, every president you see on TV when he addresses the nation is wearing a navy solid suit. Navy is authoritative and dynamic. It will leave the best first impression, which is what you want in an interview. 

With a navy suit, your shirt should be simple. Opt for a white or light blue solid with a tasteful nick-tie. Shoes should be a lace-up or monk strap dress shoe in dark brown or black with a matching belt.

interview suit
The Second Interview

A well-tailored suit speaks volumes about who you are. For your second interview, we recommend wearing a mid-grey solid suit. The reason, grey is the color of confidence. Grey gives you the look of experience and will tell them that you can get the job done. 

For shirts, you want to wear a crisp white or light blue solid. A brightly colored but tasteful tie of your choice is recommended. For shoes, it is the same as the navy solid. Pair your grey suit with either a lace-up or a monk strap dress shoe in a dark brown or black with a matching belt.

grey suit interview attire
Other Accessories

We love accessories! They are a great way to show off one’s sense of style. When dressing, we recommend keeping it simple. You want your skills to do the talking, not anything that can distract from your message. 

When it comes to accessories, we recommend keeping it safe and lean more on the conservative side. Select a simple tie, belt, and wristwatch. Keep the jewelry to a minimum. 

Interview Accessories
Don't Forget About Grooming

Just as you don’t want your outfit to be a distraction, you don’t want your personal hygiene to be a disqualifier. A day or two before your big interview, you want to make sure that your hair and facial hair is neatly trimmed.

A small amount of fragrance can be ok; just do not go overboard on the scent for interviews. Some people may have allergies or get headaches from certain scents if they are too strong. A good rule of thumb is that you should only be able to sense a fragrance from about 6 inches away from your body. Any more, and it becomes a distraction. 

Proper nail care is essential. Make sure your nails are neatly cut and brushed and that there is no visible dirt underneath your fingernails. Remember, the key is to let your skills do the talking! 

Jaxson Maximus Shave

What You Should Avoid Wearing To A Job Interview

The key to interview attire is that first and foremost, you want to present yourself in the best light possible. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. You don’t want what you are wearing to be a distraction to that person across the room. You can never go wrong with being overdressed, but you can go wrong being underdressed. We would strongly recommend avoiding wearing the following to an interview: 

  • Flip flops or sandals 
  • Tennis shoes or other athletic shoes 
  • Shorts 
  • Clothes that are too short or to tight 
  • Overpowering cologne 
  • Tuxedo or dinner jackets 
  • Flashy accessories 
  • Messy hair 
  • Overly large wristwatches 
  • Jeans 
  • Tank tops or other garments that expose to much skin

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