Customer Spotlight Interview: Will Lantz

will lantz customer interview

At Jaxson Maximus, we created this series to highlight our clients, their unique stories, businesses, and how they discovered us. This week Alex Kleppe, our Executive Custom Clothier, talks with Will Lantz of The Will Power Effect.


Tell Me About Your Jaxson Maximus Experience?

Will: For me, Jaxson Maximus helped me step into a new level of appreciation for fashion and myself. You get what you pay for both in terms of quality and the level of experience that the team brings. On my cuffs, I have monogrammed “WP” for my business, The Will Power Effect, which is my personal fitness studio here in Miami.

Just like your life, which is a custom experience for you and you only, Jaxson Maximus embodies that same approach. It truly is a tailored experience from A-Z.

Why Is An Exceptions Appearance Important To Your Business

Will: If you look good, you feel good. On top of it is internally feeling good that matters the most. When you wear a good suit, you open doors for yourself. For example, when I go to business networking events, I would have individuals come up to me asking what I did for a living just on the way that I dressed. More often than not, they are surprised to learn that I am a personal trainer. Usually they assume that I am in a finance role at a big corporation.

Looking good not only feels good but opens so many new possibilities. Psychology, you feel different depending on what you are wearing. I feel not only attractive but feel like a true businessman.

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Why Choose Jaxson Maximus Over Another Suiting Company

Will: Truthfully, it was all due to my custom clothier Alex Kleppe. Before Jaxson Maximus, I have gone to other suiting stores. There is something to be said for professionalism and creating individual treatment. If I were to ask Alex for some ideas on a black suit, he would have it to me in less than five minutes with his professional input on what would look best on me.

The clothing business is not my realm, and Alex’s professional advice helps to guide me in the right direction. He truly is a professional.

What Makes Your Jaxson Maximus Outfit So Special To You

Will: Being a men’s fashion lover myself, I have a different pizzazz. Being a trainer, I like a more fitted look. Connor McGregor’s style is something that I look to for inspiration in my wardrobe. Using McGregor’s look as a building block, Alex helped me elevate that look for myself.

Being a kid from the midwest, I came from very humble beginnings. Truthfully this was my very first suit. When I put it on, I almost got emotional. It was a different level entirely.

How Do You Connect With Jaxson Maximus

Will: Number one, it is tailor-made for you and you only. That personal touch that both Christian and Alex put in makes it next level. They take their time to ensure that every little detail is spot-on.

You have to remember that when buying custom, it takes time. This is not an off-the-rack suit that you buy and take home that same day. I went back with Alex for a few fittings to ensure that we got every little detail that I wanted in my suit.

I’ve gone to other stores where you feel like a number to them. That is not how it is at Jaxson Maximus. They take the time with you. It is a true passion of theirs.

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What Have You Learned More About Your Style Through This Experience

Will: I’ve learned that I look damn good in a suit! Going out, you attract a whole new class of people. People are curious about a good suit and the people shining with confidence. I’ve met new people personally and professionally when I wear my Jaxson Maximus garments.

After this experience, I changed the way I dressed. I no longer wear the basic solids when I go out. Instead, I added a new flair to my outfits. When you invest in good clothing, they invest back in you.

There is something attractive about when a person dresses well. As men, we need to start stepping our game up in terms of how we dress.

How has Your Look elevated your Goals and Ambitions

Will: When I attended networking events, I would dress in a nice solid shirt and slacks. I knew I had something to offer these people through my business. Being a personal trainer, people judge me and my business based on how I look. Alex and I have talked about a concept called “fit and fitted,” where I can work on your personal fitness goals, and Alex can work with you on your clothing goals.

About Will Lantz

Born in Indianapolis, IN, Will was raised by his mother and father, who are both former marines. A lover of men’s fashion, Will’s passion is fitness and building relationships with people who become family to him.

Will is a personal trainer in Miami, where he has resided for nine years. He has a passion for being a trainer and growing a successful business. He is currently growing a fitness brand, hiring trainers for the Will Power Effect brand, and investing in real estate.

When you look good, you feel good. His passions are his beautiful dog Charlie, a Bull Mastiff, and his girlfriend Cani, whom he loves very much.

Contact Details:

Cell: (305) 240-9157




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