Custom Spotlight Series: Christian Jablonski

We created this series to highlight our clients, their unique stories, their businesses, and how they discovered Jaxson Maximus. This week we feature Christian Jablonski of the Houston Texans.

About Christian Jablonski:

Christian Jablonski joined the Houston Texans Luxe team in February of 2022 as a Business Development Manager. His career in sports expands over seven years including work in NCAA Division 1 athletics, NBA, MLS, MLB and now NFL. A Charleston, SC native, Christian attended the College of Charleston where he played Division 1 soccer while earning his Business Administration degree. Christian also holds a master’s degree in Sport Management from Southern New Hampshire University.

During his free time, Christian enjoys spending time with his dog (Brady), hanging with friends and family and giving back to his community and church. His other hobbies include playing soccer and golf, fishing and hunting, attending live sporting events or concerts, boating and rooting on his South Carolina Gamecocks during football season.


How Did You Get Introduced to Jaxson Maximus:

Christian: Before coming to Miami, I met Christian Boehm, the owner of Jaxson Maximus, when he was still the President of Balani in Houston, Texas. It is crazy how those connections will travel with you throughout your lifetime.

Having those connections with Christian beforehand is how I got introduced to Alex. I like to say that I am now a walking model for him. 

People are always asking me about what I wear now every time I go. Alex has turned into a great business partner and a wonderful friend of mine.

Alex: When I found out Christian was moved down to Miami, I knew we had to connect. After chasing him down a few times by email, we finally had the opportunity to meet in person. From just making him a few shirts to what we now call the “Jorden Belford” suit we formed a great friendship over the years.

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Tell Us About Your Custom Clothing Experience:

Christian: With the “Jorden Belford” outfit, I was thinking about what will stand out in a crowd. It was about embodying who you are through the way that you dress. When you walk into a room, you want to represent your brand by what you wear. You want to open the conversation to others about yourself just on what you wear.

I am all about making a powerful expression when you walk into a room. I love different types of colors and designs. So when I saw the original pinstripe suit from the Wolf of Wall Street, I knew I had to have it. From that idea, Alex made one of the best suits that I own.

We added a lot of extra special touches to the suit, making it unique. The most important piece of the suit was not the outside but the inside. On the inside, we added a special lining with a photo album of pictures of my family and me when I was younger. It is a very special feeling that when you open up your jacket to a stranger, you can tell your story to them just based on what you are wearing.

On the under collar, I had monogrammed the location of where I was born and raised. It was those little details that Alex added in that made my jacket extra special. Today I am rocking the newest jacket Alex made for me before moving to Houston.

Alex: Although we were saddened to see Christian leave, we knew his heart was in Houston. My motto is to start with a level you feel comfortable with and go from there. The jacket has one now is an Italian fabric that has a natural stretch in charcoal with a purple windowpane. The jacket features a double lapel buttonhole. This is something that screams custom. You are never going to get this detail from any off-the-rack jacket. We were glad to make this outfit a significant impact in Houston

Tell Me About Why The Jaxson Maximus Experience Is So Special To You:

Christian: Being in sales, I am not the type of guy who likes to be sold. From the very beginning, when I walked in, after only having known Alex for an hour, it felt like I had been talking to someone I had known my whole life. That natural chemistry is hard to find.

The showroom is not just one service but a collection of everything a guy could want. I can’t wait to see this place expand throughout the country.

Alex was not pushy. He only wanted the very best from me from the beginning. I was blown away by his knowledge of color, pattern, what would look best on me, etc. It blew my mind from the very beginng.

Having that personal relationship with Alex, I know that the Jaxson Maximus team will always be there for me regardless of where I am in the country.

Alex: My parents also live in Houston to ironically, I was able to make a trip out there to see Christian when he moved and dropped off his suit. When we say we know our clients, we know our clients. We try and connect with our clients not just on business terms but on a personal level.

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What Have You Learned About Your Style:

Christian: My style has evolved over the years. Being in the sports field, your image matters. Looking at my VP and Executives, I wanted to get to that level. I was used to wearing Men’s Warehouse when I first started my career. Knowing where I wanted to be in my career pushed me to start upping how I dress.

Christian helped me to jumpstart my interest in the custom world. It started with just a few shirts, then moved up to some jackets and suits in neutral colors to experiment with how I dress.

When I got to Miami, it was about what people were saying when I walked into a room. I wanted my suit to say something about me to strangers even before they got to know me. Once you try custom, you fall in love with it and never want to return. It has inspired me to work harder and inspire younger reps to go after what they want in their careers.

Everyone back home loves the style. Even with my dad having polar opposite styles, he still loves how I dress!

Alex: Even though we live in different parts of the country now, Christian keeps sending me different outfits from announcers that we could do. The next one to do is a coral windowpane jacket once he is ready. I am looking to Christian’s more sporty side and designing something around the Houston Texans.

custom suit miami

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