Jaxson Maximus Customer Spotlight Series: Eldar Mata

eldar customer spotlight

We created this series to highlight our clients, their unique stories, their businesses, and how they discovered Jaxson Maximus. This week we feature Eldar Mata of MB Tax Advisors.


Tell me about your Jaxson maximus experience

Eldar: Jaxson Maximus was one of my clients when they first formed the business in 2018. I remember looking at the concept pictures and thinking, wow, I love the concept! It is very European in design.

I am from the south of Spain, so I have always had an eye for design and the European way of dressing. When I met Alex, my custom clothier, I continued to throw some crazy ideas his way. After the first time I stepped in to get my haircut, I have been going back ever since.

Alex: As an interesting caveat to the story, the building we are at had some issues with the underground plumbing being close to the water. When it would heavily rain, sometimes the bar would start to flood. The day that Eldar first came in for his appointment, water began to come in the style station where we were doing our fitting in. Our salon manager had us move to a different room, but the same things started to happen in this room after a few. The only room that was not occupied was the back conference room.

In the back conference room, we picked out the fabrics, which included a red bamboo jacket, a silk and grey pant, a Panorama Scabal suit, and a diamond print tuxedo. Eldar was such a good sport about the whole situation and made the best out of something we couldn’t control. The good news is that the city of Miami fixed the water issue shortly after this. I guess you were the lucky charm.

Eldar: I thought it was Venice for a second!

Alex: What I like about this experience is that some of the best things happen when unexpected things come towards you. That has been our business motto since our inception. Haven opened our door only a few months before Covid; who knew we would be here today.

I know Eldar will be moving back and forth between his office in Miami and Spain, so we look forward to seeing you when you come back to visit.

Eldar: I will always miss Miami when I am gone. Usually, I try and come back every three months or so. I am looking forward to spending some time in my home country and visiting my family. Having lived in Miami for almost 13 years, it feels almost foreign going back to the more laid-back lifestyle of Spain. When I walk by office buildings that are closed at 2 pm for a siesta, I think I should go back to the US. It will be a huge change for me going back for sure.

miami custom suit

When Is having an exceptional appearance important for you

Eldar: It goes with the mood. It is something that helps you get motivated to start your day in the morning. When you have a lot going on, you get stressed out. Dressing well enables you to get over the humping knowing that you look your very best. It also helps how you feel inside.

Not only that, but I want to look good for my clients. It is not that I want to make an impression but as a sign of respect for them. They are coming to me for something important to them, and I want to reciprocate that feeling. Therefore, to me, a serious businessman should always dress the part.

When you look good, you feel good. You are doing your clients a favor. You want to act, look, and dress professionally.

Why did you select Jaxson Maximus over their competition?

Eldar: For one, they have the best materials. The attention to detail makes me feel like every garment is a work of art. I don’t think there are that many tailors out there who are focused on making the client feel special. They take a random blue suit, fit it on you, and that’s it.

Alex, my custom clothier, took the time with me to select every single detail that would look best on me. Then, we went over these one-of-a-kind details which makes my garment so special. The options for dealing were limitless to our imaginations. It felt like it was a true expression of myself.

Alex: We are a family-run business here at Jaxson Maximus. Your garments should be tailored made for you. As your custom clothier, it is my job to craft something special for you. Your words are powerful but how you walk into that room is just as powerful. When I see you walk into the room, I think damn he is super confident!

It is also nice when your wife comes in, and I can add some extra special touches for you from her as a nice surprise.

Eldar: He does emphasize creating something unique. That is important to me.

custom tuxedo miami

Why are your garments so personal to you

Eldar: My clothes make me who I am. It helps me achieve what I want to do. It is more of a feeling above anything else. I enjoy the fact that my garments are unique. No one else in the entire world will have what I am wearing. When I walk down the street, it makes me feel special in that in a sea of people; I can stand out.

Alex: When I design an outfit, I never like to do the same design twice. Instead, I try to tweak every garment to make it unique to the person I am making it for.

What Would Be Your Next Outfit

Eldar: A pinstripe suit! I was interested in a unique collection by Scabal.

Alex: The fabric you are interested in is defiantly unique! The collection is called the Treasure Box by British mill Scabal. It is a super 150’s with 24-carat gold woven into the fabric. I can guarantee you no one else will have this. It truly is the treasure within the box.

About Eldar Mata

Eldar Mata is a federally authorized tax practitioner admitted to practice and representing  taxpayers in all fifty states at all levels within the Internal  Revenue Service.  He specializes in International Taxation,  Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution.  As an international individual himself, originally from Sevilla, Spain and having been raised Ein Vienna, Austria; it was only natural for Mr. Mata to focus on helping foreign individuals that are looking  to expand their businesses to the United States or US citizens looking to expand their businesses overseas. 

Many of his international clients have been poorly advised in the past, and with ever changing tax laws they end up in hot water with the IRS. When you manage a multinational business, it is critical to have a properly established and thorough tax plan in place. As an Enrolled Agent, Mr. Mata has successfully represented and assisted clients in dealing  with various  taxing authorities, negotiating settlements, and helping   them throughout  the auditing process. However, it is our goal to advise new clients rom  the very  beginning  so we don’t have to resort to any Tax Dispute Resolution.  

We guide  them in the right direction with extensive tax planning to remain compliant  and maximize  tax efficiency by lowering their overall effective tax rate. If you are interested in discussing US compliance requirements or expanding your business. 

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