Customer Spotlight Series: Nate Myer

nate myer

We created this series to highlight our clients, their unique stories, their businesses, and how they discovered Jaxson Maximus. This week we feature Nate Myer of H.I.G. Capital.

About Nate Myer:

Nate is an Operating Partner in H.I.G.’s private equity practice based out of Miami. He is responsible for driving operational initiatives and optimizing portfolio company results in collaboration with our management teams.

Originally from Washington, Nate brings more than 30 years of experience across several industries, including 12 years at Platinum Equity in various private equity operations leadership roles focused mainly on large-scale global businesses. He has been interim C.F.O. of four multibillion-dollar portfolio companies and the Detroit Pistons.

Prior to this, Nate was corporate C.F.O. of a multinational services provider with 25,000 employees and has obtained lean six sigma certification. Nate began his career at EY before joining Disney corporate operations planning.

Nate earned a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia and his M.B.A. from the Anderson School at UCLA. Nate is a certified C.P.A. in both Virginia and California.

nate myers


Why Is Your Professional Appearance Important To You?

Nate: I have grown to appreciate why your appearance matters. Being from L.A., I had someone responsible for my appearance. However, having recently moved to Miami, I needed to find a new expert in the field.

I love to be able to feel good about myself. The way I look is super important. I heard good things about Jaxson Maximus, having lived in the Brickell area, and a few of my work colleagues are also clients. Early on, I met Christian, the owner of Jaxson Maximus, who helped me through the process of transitioning my wardrobe. Having the confidence you need is nice, especially in the workplace. I used to think it was only about the person; however, it is about the full package, and how you look plays into that.

Recently I spoke at a leadership conference at Lake Tahoe. It was important to me that I put my best foot forward in front of my team members.

It is not about how much you spend on your wardrobe but what you spend it on. In the past, I made many mistakes when I bought something, thinking that because of the price tag, I would wear it. It is not about the price, but the overall experience, personalization, and getting an expert to weigh in sets Jaxson Maximus about from the crowd. I would rather trust the experts to tell me what looks best for my body type, color pairing, and more.

Like most of us, I have clothes in my closet that I never reach for. You might have clothes you feel more comfortable wearing for the fit or the style. You tell yourself that maybe on a bad day, I will finally get around to wearing that jacket that’s been sitting in the back of my closet for years. However, why do you need to have a bad day? Every day can be a good day!

Alex: What you say is important but how you walk into a room is equally as important. If you have items that fit you well and you feel like a superhero, then why not get stuff you know you want to wear?

Nate: Besides the basics, I like to branch out into color. One of the biggest deals I did at my previous company was that we bought the Global Diabetes Divison at Johnson & Johnson. I was in charge of the whole carveout where I had to give over 3,000 attendees in Scotland a town hall. One of the things everything remembers is that I wore a pair of bright coral pants. Later, I went to the Philippines, where everyone wore coral pants since they remembered what I was wearing from that event. People pay attention to what you wear, especially in front of a large crowd.

Alex: When you are in a position of influence, it is important that people see you and remember who you are. Wearing something unique is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It is attention-grabbing but always leaves them with something to remember you.

Nate: Ideally, people ask what you are wearing and where you got it from. In the few short blocks I walked over to the store, I got a handful of compliments on the suit I am wearing now. People notice the quality of the garments right away.

Ken: Ever since I have been coming here, you see the exceptional value in your investments. You cant come in here and think they are doing it just like everyone else. They are investing in the individual.

Nate: What I love about the concept is that it is a one-stop shop for everything! I can get my suit tailored while I get my haircut, my nails manicured, and more. The atmosphere is welcoming. It makes you want to come in and hang out!

Having lived all over the world, there is something special about Miami and the people down here!

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