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At Jaxson Maximus, we created this series to highlight our clients, their unique stories, businesses, and how they discovered us. This week Alex Kleppe, our lead custom clothier at our Brickell, Miami location talks with Ken Ross, long-term client, and owner of I Am Ken Ross Consulting firm.

Jaxson Maximus Interview Q&A:

What Do You Like About The Jaxson Maximus Experience?

Ken R.: I enjoy being a part of Jaxson Maximus due to my experience and relationships with my custom clothier. Being color blind, I rely on my custom clothier, Alex Kleppe, to help me make the best decisions about my wardrobe. At Jaxson Maximus, they make me feel relaxed and that I am in the trusted hands of true professionals.

I also enjoy the personalization of the garments. I can make them look and feel truly unique, like they are a part of me. They are something that no one else in the world has besides me. 

What is your favorite Jaxson Maximus Garment?

Ken R.: My personal favorite is the black pinstripe suit. On the inside, it features my alma mater, which is so unique. You can’t find it anywhere!

Alex K.: I loved designing your suit! Your black suit features a red pinstripe for that extra special touch. In addition, we featured a custom-made photo collage lining on the inside with your alma mater for the University of Nebraska Omaha. Also, the under-collar monogram read “Always a Maverick”!

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Why Is A Professional Business Appearance Important For You?

Ken R.: As a business consultant dealing with different clients in different industries, you need to be confident in how you appear to others. If you are not confident in how you look and speak, it will be hard for your clients to trust you.

I am pretty confident in my Jaxson Maximus suits!

Alex K.: At Jaxson Maximus, it is my job as a professional custom clothier to help you look and feel you’re very best. We will help you look you’re very best, so you can focus on what you say. Your words are powerful and how you walk into a room is equally as powerful.

Why would you pick Jaxson Maximus Over Their Competitors?

Ken R.: Many places out there will tell you that they guarantee a certain look. At Jaxson Maximus, it is that personal touch. It is knowing that they care about me and my business and want me to be successful in everything that I do. It is a feeling that is more unique than any other clothing store I have been in.

What is your Jaxson Maximus story?

Ken R.: I met Alex Kleppe, my custom clothier, at a local business networking event. We fostered a good relationship on a business level which says something about the team at Jaxson Maximus. We are not just in here to be a surface-level business. We want to invest in people and in the local community.

From the minute I came to the store, there was no comparison. Think of comparing Tiger Wood’s to the rest of the world. You can’t!

What is the difference between a suit from Jaxson Maximus vs. somewhere else?

Ken R.: Number one is the fit. It is the superhero fit! I know that every time I put on my jacket, even if I were blind, I would know I was wearing a Jaxson Maximus suit. You can immediately tell that the fit is right from the moment you get dressed in the morning.

Alex K.: When you go through your closet, you usually have a few things you love and a few items that you bought that you hate to wear. You want to love every single piece in your wardrobe. I want to feel like a superman in every outfit. Not just gravitate towards one or two suits every day because you know they fit you.

How has your personal style changed over time since coming to Jaxson Maximus?

Ken R.: Since coming to Jaxson Maximus, my personal style has done a 360. Not only has Jaxson Maximus given me the knowledge on clothing but the knowledge in how to feel confident when I get dressed.

When I put on my Jaxson Maximus suits, I know that I will do something amazing today.

How does having a custom clothier help you at your business?

Ken R.: Besides gaining confidence, having a custom clothier has now given me options to wear in different meetings and events in my day-to-day. Variety is important to me as a business owner.

What are the misconceptions about custom clothing?

Alex K.: A lot of people think that custom clothing is inaccessible to them. The name “custom” implies that it is crazy expensive, but it isn’t. We have ranges for every budget here at Jaxson Maximus. It is important to invest in yourself and your future. That is my job as a custom clothier here at Jaxson Maximus.

About Ken Ross

Organizations in health care, non-profit, and legal fields are bombarded every day with offers on the latest technology, services, and applications. It can feel almost impossible to tell the difference between a good deal and a company that knows you don’t have the time to pay attention and will overcharge for their services.

That’s why Ken is here to help you make sense of many of your essential expenses with independent, expert insights that can reduce expenses by up to 28%. (average expense savings). Ken’s background in financial services, along with his I.T. expertise, makes him an expense reduction expert.

Contact Details:

(305) 432-3811

1790 NE 37th Ave. Homestead, FL 33033

I Am Ken

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