7 Simple Steps On How To Properly Maintain A Suit | Suit Cleaning Guide

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At Jaxson Maximus, all of our custom garments are made from the world’s finest fabrics and are individually constructed by master tailors. However, over the years, the fabric will naturally begin to show signs of regular wear.

To minimize these effects, follow these seven simple tips to clean and maintain a suit properly.

1) Do Not OVER-DRY Clean A Suit 

Most garments tend to follow a typical cleaning process; wash it, wear it, repeat. After a week of wearing your suit around the office, your first inclination might be to take it to get dry-cleaned. However, as counter-intuitive as it sounds, to properly clean a suit, trips to the dry cleaners should be kept at a minimum.

Dry cleaning usually uses harsh chemicals to clean your garments. These harsh chemicals that are used on top of the already aggressive cleaning process are incredibly harmful to the fine wool fibers in your suit. Over time, repeating this process too frequently can dry out the natural fibers that compose your suit as well as damage the buttons.

How do I know my suit needs to go in for a cleaning? As simple as it might be, our suggestion is to use the smell test as a guide. If you begin to notice any strong smells coming from your suit, it is time to take it to the cleaners. Any food or smaller stains should be acted on immediately to reduce the chances of leaving a permanent mark on the fabric. If you do happen to get a stain try blotting it with a damp cloth to remove it.

2) Instead Of An Iron Try Using A High-Quality Steamer 

A good quality steamer is not cheap, but it is a worthwhile investment if you want to keep a suit looking clean and fresh. Steaming your suit after every wear helps remove wrinkles and odors without damaging your suit’s natural fibers. Over the long run, a high-quality steamer can reduce the number of trips to the dry cleaner making your suit last longer.

At Jaxson Maximus, our advice is to try and steam your suit after every wear. Although it might be an extra step in your routine, taking the time to properly steam your garments yourself can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

3) Do Not Put An Iron Directly On Your Suit 

The best way to keep a suit looking new and clean is to steam it. If you were to use a hot iron directly on your suit, you risk permanently damaging the natural fibers that make up your garment. Using high heat can also cause your suit’s outer material to produce a sheen making it look distorted.

Our advice is to avoid ironing altogether unless in a dire situation.

4) Only Use A Sturdy Natural Wooden Hanger 

When your suit is not being worn, it should always be hung up. When hanging up your suit, you should never put it on a flimsy metal hanger. Instead, hang your suit on a sturdy natural wooden hanger.

Hanging your suits on a sturdy wooden hanger will support the shoulder construction and help maintain the shape of your jacket until its next use. The right hanger should be shaped to fit the drape of your jacket as well as be wide enough to touch each edge of its shoulders. Giving the proper support to your jackets is something only a wooden hanger can do.

For best use, use the wooden hanger we provided when you picked up your suit at Jaxson Maximus.

Ask your stylists about purchasing additional wooden hangers

5) Brush And Roll Your Suit In-Between Wears

Just like you brush your teeth every night, you should brush your suit down after every wear. Investing in a good soft bristle horsehair brush can remove any lint, dust, hair, or crumbs that have accumulated on the surface of your jacket without damaging the fabrics.

Out of every single fabric, wool has the most tendency to accumulate dust. If your suit is composed mainly of wool, it is a good idea to brush your suit out after use.

Always brush your suit slowly and gently, working from the shoulders downwards.

For those on-the-go touchups when you don’t have your brush, a lint roller can safely remove any unwanted debris as well. If you need one, you can pick one up next time you are in the Jaxson Maximus showroom.

Ask Your Stylist About Our Kent Brushes

6) Rotate Your Suits 

One of the best things you can do to a suit to keep it looking fresh and clean is to let it take a break. In the same way, your muscles need a break after a long workout, your suit needs a break after it has been worn for any significant length of time.

Allowing your suit to air out and take a break allows the fibers to breathe helping to remove any unwanted smells. Airing out your suit also will enable it to remove any wrinkles naturally.

Our advice would be if you are going to wear your suit multiple times a week try to limit it to no more than three wears. If at all possible try to purchase more than one suit so you can regularly rotate your wardrobe.

7) Protect Your Suit While Traveling 

If you are traveling for work or need to take your suit with you to a big event a garment bag is an absolute must. Garment bags act as a barrier between your suit and other elements in the environment. Whether that is rain, dust, or snow using a garment bag will help protect your suit.

If you do have to travel on an airplane, try to carry your suit in the garment bag instead of putting it in your checked bags. If you must put it in a suitcase look for luggage that is big enough to hold your suit in its garment bag, this will help ensure that your suit does not get damaged during transportation.

Our advice is to try and look for a breathable garment bag, in cotton or non-woven fabric. Avoid garment bags made out of plastic as much as possible. The garment bag you received with your suit at Jaxson Maximus is a perfect start!

Conclusion: 7 Simple Steps On How To Properly Maintain A Suit | Suit Cleaning Guide

Ever wonder why some garments look unwearable after a few years and yet some are in pristine condition after ten years? It comes down to the individual care taken by the owner.

Providing the proper maintenance can ensure that you get the most wear time as possible for all of your garments not to mention it can keep your suit smelling fresh and clean between dry cleaning trips.

Have any additional care questions about your suit? Leave us a comment down below or contact us to find out more.

Stay handsome!

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