Customer Spotlight Interview: Connor Bradley

Connor Bradley of Denison Yachting.

At Jaxson Maximus, we created this series to highlight our clients, their unique stories, businesses, and how they discovered us. This week Alex Kleppe, our Executive Custom Clothier, talks with Connor Bradley of Denison Yachting.



Connor: It’s addicting! Being an up-and-coming college graduate and starting with my first job out of college, I originally had the intention of going all out with just one kick-ass outfit. That is not what ended up happening. 

When I came in for my final fitting on my first suit with my custom clothier Alex Kleepe, it was game over from there on out. I have been back so many times. 

Every time I come in, Alex always has new ideas for me. I have no idea what I want to do next because there are many great options.

Ken: I know when I came in, I had a similar experience as well. At first, I just wanted to have one great outfit that I could wear out to numerous functions. However, once I put on my first custom suit, I could immediately tell the difference. Ever since I can not stop coming back. It truly is addicting!

Why is having a good appearance important to you?

Connor: Being in the boating industry, it is very diverse. In order to sell super yachts to some of our top clients, you have to give yourself that credibility through your appearance. 

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Why Choose Jaxson Maximus Over Their Competitors?

Connor: When I first was in the market for a new suit, I looked up “great custom clothiers near me.” Not only was it in my area, but they had great online reviews. After that, I said let’s do it. Now, after having gone through the Jaxson Maximus experience, I would be extremely skeptical that another establishment could match the type of quality that I had. Every time I have gone has been amazing from the beginning.

Being new to the custom clothing world, I loved every part of it. From sipping on Irish Whiskey as I was getting measured, it was an awesome experience from start to end.

Can You Tell Me About Your First Outfit At Jaxson Maximus?

Connor: In the beginning, my custom clothier Alex started by asking me a bunch of questions. He asked me about what I do for a living, how do I want to look to others, etc. He walked me through the whole process and helped me decide how I could look my very best.

Together we designed what we liked to call the “Best Yachting Outfit Ever”! We added a bunch of blue, and he surprised me with a special lining with a bunch of anchors inside.

We added a little humor to the monogram under the collar on my second jacket. We embroidered “anchors away motherfucker” to the back of my collar. My boss Bob got a kick out of it and wants to come to get a jacket of his own.

Ken: Defiantly, those small personal touches make it special to you. It is all in the small details that make your garment stand out in a crowd.

How do you connect better with Jaxson Maximus than any other tailored clothing?

Connor: Those little touches, such as the monogram under the collar, make it the coolest thing ever. On all of my shirts, Alex added my initials at the edge of my cuff. My clothier even asked me if the watch I was wearing during my consultation was the watch I will be wearing with my shirts. He wanted to determine how much thicker my cuff should be where I wear my watch versus my other hand.

It is really in those tiny details specific to you that make Jaxson Maximus stand out.

connor bradley suit

What Have You Learned About Your Personal Style Through This Process?

Connor: My clothier Alex has taught me more about sophisticated fashion. Up until I came in, I usually dressed in athletic wear. I have always wanted to break into that space and dress more professionally at work. Alex has really helped me break into that space and made me feel comfortable through the whole process.

How has your confidence changed because of the Jaxson Maximus experience?

Connor: The first custom outfit we did was made for my company’s Christmas Party. At Denison Yachting, our Christmas Party is the biggest celebration throughout the whole year. I was super excited to be rolling out my first Jaxson Maximus custom suit for the company to see. During the party, I could not stop receiving compliments. My boss Bob loved it!

I constantly had people coming up to me and complementing what a kick-ass outfit it was. You feel different wearing it. I felt not only comfortable but super confident.

Wearing an outfit that fits you perfectly truly does make you feel more confident. As we like to say, “look good, feel good. Feel good, be good”.

Ken: As a business consultant, I put my jacket on to feel my best. Not only in front of clients but throughout my day!

About Connor Bradley

Connor Bradley was born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay, in the seafaring center of Annapolis — where all paths lead to the ocean. His love for the water was fostered by near-daily wakeboarding, fishing or just boating with friends.

Connor attended Archbishop Spalding High School and worked full-time in the summers. Completing Coast Guard boating courses allowed him to learn how to safely operate his own boat on the Severn River and nearby waterways. Vacations spent on the west coast of Florida, and an exciting ecological adventure to Costa Rica, further focused Connor’s love of nature, as well as his determination to always have the ability to dip his toes in the ocean. He is a certified PADI Open Water Diver with plans to attain instructor status.

Connor is currently a senior at the University of Miami, majoring in business technology with a minor in entrepreneurship. He intends to pursue a career in the marine industry. Connor is excited to be working as Denison’s sales process and development intern.

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