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At Jaxson Maximus, we specialize in creating the perfect custom suit. With over 35+ years in the custom clothing industry, our founder Christian Boehm has been making garments for some of the biggest names in the industry.

A well-tailored suit is a timeless garment that, no matter the trends in fashion, will never go out of style. Being located in Miami, FL, our custom clothing team specializes in creating one-of-a-kind garments tailored to fit your unique lifestyle and adapt to the Miami weather.

Below our custom clothiers put together this fantastic guide on some of the best fabrics and styles for a suit here in Miami.

What Is So Unique About A Custom Suit?

A custom suit is a one-of-a-kind garment that is tailor-made for you as an individual. When you begin your appointment, a custom clothier will typically start by asking you questions about what you do for work, the occasion for the outfit, lifestyle preference, how often you travel, and more. This is the best way for your custom clothiers to determine what fabric options and design choices make the most sense for you and your garments. Think of it as a doctor writing out a prescription for you. 

When individuals hear the word “custom suits” or see it at a retail store, oftentimes, they are referring to made-to-measure or MTM. MTM is the entry-level to the custom clothing space. It is a very cookie-cutter approach to custom and often has very limited features, and design capabilities and can only solve some minor fit considerations. In comparison, a “Full custom clothing experience means that your pattern is cut by hand by a master cutter and is individualized to you. See our complete guide explaining the differences between MTM and “Full custom”. 

Being a custom clothier, Full custom is what we do at Jaxson Maximus. Every one of our patterns is cut by hand by a master cutter. The most important details of your custom-made suit are sewn by hand or machine, such as the armhole and interior canvas to the functioning buttonholes.

Here is a quick video by Christian Boehm, our founder, and CEO of Jaxson Maximus, which explains an initial appointment consultation at Jaxson Maximus, Miami’s Full Custom experience.

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Why Is fabric so important for a custom suit in miami?

There is a plethora of fabric options from all over the world available at a tailor’s disposal. While they all might seem very similar on the surface, they are all unique in their own ways. A custom clothier will have books of fabric swatches available from hand-selected mills. Though wools and specialized fabrics are sourced worldwide, most well-respected mills like Scabal and Dormeuil are located in the UK and Italy.

Not only are the fabrics from these mills made from very luxurious hard-to-find fibers, but they only make a certain amount of that fabric in the entire world.

When you get a custom suit, you are not only getting a one-of-a-kind garment but a garment made out of exclusive fabric due to the amount produced and sold to the marketplace.

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Best Fabrics For A Suit In Miami & Humid Climates


One of our most sought-after fabrics comes from Gladson’s bamboo fabric collection. Made in Italy of pure Bamboo, this unique fabric exhibits a silky luster, luxurious tailor ability, and extensive color spectrum. It is ideal for all-year-round wear, especially for those who are traveling between warm and cold climates. 

We create a ton of custom short sleeve, sport and long-sleeve dress shirts as well as bamboo jacketing. With bamboo’s natural comfortability and moisture-wicking properties, it is one of the materials we highly recommend to our clients in humid climates, such as in Miami, where Jaxson Maximus stores are based.

Bamboo Fabric Benefits Summary: 

  • Antibacterial: Keeps you odor-free and smelling fresh all day long
  • Moisture Wicking: Perfect for hot and humid climates like Miami. Naturally draws moisture away from the skin, making you sweat less. 
  • Insulating: Keeps you cool in the summer and hot during the winter 
  • Silky Soft Feel
  • Naturally Protects Against UV’s
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Irritating: A great option for those with sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Eco friendly
Bamboo Suit
Summer Worsted Wool

Summer Worsted Wools make you not only feel great in warm weather, but they look amazing on. The word “worsted” refers to the industrial combing of the raw goods as part of their milling process. 

Because worsted wool is a finer type of wool than regular woolen wool it is better at keeping out the elements such as wind and rain. The natural fuzziness of the wool helps trap air circulate throughout your body, making it more resilient and cooler in the summer. 

A great example of a summer weight wool would be Vitale Barberis Canonico’s Blassone by Gladson. They make excellent custom suits here in Miami. You can view the collection by clicking the video link here. 

summer suits cloth

Silk is a natural fiber spun from the cocoon of the silkworm. Silk is often regarded as one of the most lustrous fabrics in the world and an excellent choice for those looking to get a custom made suit here in Miami.

It is featherlight and has the inherent characteristic of giving a beautiful luster to the garments. Most silk jackets made with silk are blended with other summer fabrics, such as lightweight wool or linens. 

A great example of a summer silk and wool blend is this 100% silk jackets made with cloth from famed English mill Scabal’s Nobility collection. 

Silk Benefits Summary: 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Helps soothe eczema and asthma
  • Moisture Wicking: Perfect for hot and humid climates like Miami. Naturally draws moisture away from the skin, making you sweat less. 
  • Insulating: Keeps you cool in the summer and hot during the winter 
  • Natural luster
  • Super durable: often regarded as being stronger than steel
Seersucker & Cotton

Seersucker is when cotton is woven with a crinkled vertical line in the goods. They are super lightweight and comfortable in tropical climates or the dog days of summer in northern climates. See a great video example of seersucker cotton fancies. 

The best kinds of cotton are long staple cottons which produce the finest feel and best performance when spinning the yarns into cloth. With advancements in technology, mills have discovered that blending high-quality long-staple cotton with a bit of lycra provides a cloth with stretch, which makes it extremely comfortable. 

See our video here for great examples of cotton and lycra custom suit, blazer, or pant fabrics.

Cotton Suit Benefits Summary: 

  • Weatherproof
  • Low maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfort: moves with you
  • Moisture Wicking: Perfect for hot and humid climates like Miami. Naturally draws moisture away from the skin, making you sweat less. 
  • Able to be worn year-round
summer suits cloth Cottons and Seersucker

Linen is made from the flax plant and has incredible natural wicking properties, which draws moisture away from the body resulting in a light and breezy garment. 

Linen can be super soft or even stiffer depending on how they weave the cloth. The one characteristic of linen that may deter some people from buying linen is that it is guaranteed to wrinkle. It’s OK, though as the look of a linen suit, pant or jacket is one that is supposed to be soft and sporty casual.

Don’t let the arm whiskers bug you; everyone knows you are wearing linen. 

A great example of summer linen and wool blend jackets is made with cloth from Italian mill Kerry Knoll. 

Lien Suit Benefits Summary: 

  • Eco-friendly/sustainable
  • Breathable and absorbent 
  • Low maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable
  • Moisture Wicking: Perfect for hot and humid climates like Miami. Naturally draws moisture away from the skin, making you sweat less. 
  • Static-free
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