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Packing for your next trip can be a hassle, especially if you need to pack a suit or sport jacket. Whether you are traveling for business, weddings, funerals, vacation, or any other event, you want to arrive looking your best with your clothes intact and as wrinkle-free as possible. Here are a few tips our custom stylists at Jaxson Maximus give our clients on how to pack a suit effectively in a suitcase without creating wrinkles.

Choose The Right Suitcase

One of the largest variables in determining if your garments are going to come out wrinkle-free when you unpack is the bag you put them in. Unless you are flying business or first class, most air carriers do not offer any vertical storage available to hang even a light garment bag.

The easiest way to ensure that your garments don’t get thrown into all different directions by airport security, luggage handlers, or crushed at the is to bring them with you in a carry-on, but if you are going for a few days or more, you might not have this luxury.

If you do have to bring a checked bag with you, try not to purchase a soft-top case. Instead, opt for a hardtop where it will be easier to place your garments in the best possible position for their journey. It will also be more difficult for your clothes to get weighed down by other passengers bags if a hard top suitcase is used.

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Carry A Hybrid Suitcase

A hybrid suitcase is a specialty design bag that has various sections that fold out. These foldouts are designed to protect your shirts, shoes, suits, and other garments during your travel. 

At Jaxson Maximus, we highly recommend investing in a our Weekender Leather Bag. 

Not only does the Weekender have a sleek and modern design, but they are built on innovation. 

The Weekender, deconstructed, lays flat, allowing you to slide your pressed garments inside the garment bag portion. Once your garments are secured, you can slide your other items into the specially designed pockets built for things such as shoes and toiletries. When you are finished, zip the bag up and prepare for a wrinkle-free arrival.

See the video below on how the Weekender works:

leather weekend travel bag
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Layer Your Suitcase Before You Travel

As you pack your suitcase, start with the bulkiest items on the bottom. Start by layering your shoes and your toiletries at the bottom, which tend to be some of the largest items you will travel with. Next, layer in clothes that you might not necessarily be worried about getting wrinkled. This can include items such as gym clothes, bulky knit sweaters, outerwear, etc. The top layer should be garments that are the most wrinkle-prone such as shirts and suits. 

Although not foolproof, this layering packing method should help to alleviate some of the wrinkles. 

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Invest In A Portable Steamer

Have to go right from the plane to a meeting? Even if you wear your jacket on the plane, there is no guarantee it will not have wrinkles by the time you arrive. In a pinch, carrying a small portable steamer built for travel can be a lifesaver. 

 We highly recommend these three models:

If worse comes to worse, you can always hang your garments near the shower and let the steam do its job!

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How To Fold & Pack A Suit Or Sports Coat, So They Are Wrinkle Free:

Step 1: Start holding the jacket by the shoulder ends with the front of the jacket and the interior lining facing you. 

Step 2: Turn the jacket inside out. The lining of the jacket should be facing you. 

Step 3: Fold the jacket in half vertically with the lapels touching. 

Step 4: Fold it again. This time in half horizontally.

Step 5: Done! When you arrive, unfold and pop the shoulders back out. 

How To Fold & Pack A Pair Of Pants Wrinkle Free:

Step 1: Leave unbuttoned and unzippered. Fold longways, so the creases are aligned, and the pants legs are flat on top of each other

Step 2: Fold pant bottoms to the top of the waistband.

Step3: Fold again bringing the pant’s knee to the waistband

Bonus Tip: If you have a plastic bag from your dry cleaners, put your garments inside right before you put them in your suitcase. The plastic will keep the fabrics from rubbing together, which will reduce wrinkling during the trip.

How To Fold & Pack A Cotton Dress Shirt Wrinkle Free:

Step 1: Button all the front shirt button on the placket

Step 2: Place front down on a flat surface, so you are looking down at the back of the shirt

Step3: Fold shoulders in with sleeves leaving about 2″ on either side of the shirt’s collar

Step 4: Fold the bottom of the shirt with sleeves about 1/3 towards the shoulders

Step 5: Fold again bringing the recent fold to the shoulder and place in your bag

Bonus Tip: If packing multiple shirts, pack each folded shirt in plastic to avoid wrinkling and stack them face down with the collars at opposite ends of each other

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