What Does Your Suit Color Say About You? | Suit Color Guide 

Suit color guide Jaxson Maximus man wearing a tan and pink suit

Through the course of a professional man’s life, there will be different events that you will want to elevate your level of dress. Choosing the best color of suit for those events and everyday work events can be confusing. Here are some great tips to help you select the best color of suit for you to wear to your event.

First a bit of education on men’s suit colors. Most men’s suits can be broken down into the following color categories:

  1. Navy tones
  2. Grey tones
  3. Royal blue tones
  4. Earth tones
  5. Black
  6. Fashion /Nontypical

Below is a guide our Jaxson Maximus Custom Stylists put together on the best suit colors to wear and what each color projects. These colors are part of the nonverbal communication that happens when you are wearing a suit of this color and the message and image you are projecting without even saying a word.

Suit Color Guide


Man wearing a navy suit for Jaxson Maximus suit color guide
Fabric By Marzoni

Navy has the look of power and authority. When the President addresses the nation, what color of suit does he wear? Navy and there is a reason for it.

You would select a navy suit if you are publicly speaking, have a boardroom meeting, are getting married or graduating, are getting a picture taken for something such as a company brochure or your professional LinkedIn profile, or perhaps you are going on a first interview. All of these elevated events are perfect opportunities to wear a great navy suit.

Grey Tones 

Man wearing a grey suit for Jaxson Maximus suit color guide
Fabric By Scabal

Grey has a look of confidence and experience. If you are graduating from college and you want to look like it’s not your first rodeo grey would be a great choice. Grey is neutral and goes with every skin tone, so it is very simple to add because you don’t have to think in the morning when you are getting dressed. A grey suit goes with nearly everything in your wardrobe- you can wear black, any shade of brown, burgundy or even navy dress shoes with a grey suit.

Almost every shirt and tie looks great with a grey suit. It’s the easiest suit to travel with because it is so versatile. It is considered to be the best color for everyday business. 

It is an excellent choice if you are going on a second interview. It also can be worn for a wedding where you are choosing to wear a suit. If you are a white collared professional businessman and you are wearing suits regularly, you should be comfortable with 90% of your suits being in some shade of grey or blue.

Royal Blue

man wearing a royal blue suit for Jaxson Maximus suit color guide
Fabric By Marzoni

Royal blue is considered to be a more social and fashion-forward blue tone. It looks fantastic with any shade of brown shoe and has the unique ability to illuminate one’s skin tone, especially in pictures. It will help you stand out from the crowd. 

In a picture with many people, you would look fashionable, vigorous, and youthful. If you are rainmaker or do business development as part of your role, this would be a great choice.

If you want to wear a suit without a necktie, this would be a great choice. Royal blue can also be worn for a wedding or graduation if you are choosing to wear a suit for these occasions. If you want to pop the question to your girlfriend – this would be a great choice.

Earth Tones

man wearing tan suit Jaxson Maximus suit color guide
Fabric By Ariston

Earth tones are tans, browns, and olives. Earth tones are great rapport colors, perfect for less formal, more casual occasions. If you have to be in a suit, but your client has a casual environment, this would be a great option. If you have to fire someone, do a deposition, or wear a suit on a casual Friday to the office than an earth tone would be a great option. It is a change of pace color, so select these for more social or causal days to the office.

Earth tones such as tan can be worn for a wedding and are popular choices for destination beach weddings. A tan linen suit at a Barbuda beach wedding would be a good example.


man wearing a black suit for Jaxson Maximus suit guide
Fabric By Scabal

Black is considered to be the most formal, color. If you are a business professional this would be a suit you might wear in the evenings to entertain clients. if you are single this would be a great suit to wear on an evening date. If you are getting married or graduating and want to wear a suit this would be a great option. If you are invited to a semi-formal wedding this would be a perfect choice.

I will caution our professional business clients on adding a black suit to wear for daily business, charcoal grey would be a better choice as black can be very Darth Vaderish. If you’re in the hospitality business no problem than black is a good choice but if your an attorney, banker or financial planner charcoal would be better.

Fashion / Non-Typical 

man wearing a red suit for Jaxson Maximus suit color guide
Fabric By Marzoni

Fashion colors such as burgundy, green, white, aqua blue, etc. are great fun made up into a suit. For these additions, we would say it depends on what you do. 

If you’re in the entertainment business, own the hottest nightclub in Miami, or are a fashion designer knock it out, however, if you are a financial planner with Northwestern Mutual they may not be a wise choice for everyday business. 

Fashion colors are great to wear to social events, cocktail parties, on a date or going out to dinner with your wife. They are fun, expressive and meant for you to peacock it up a bit so if a lime green suit will answer that question for you we can make it happen at Jaxson Maximus. 

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