The Complete Guide Why You Should Be Receiving Regular Manicures & Pedicures

mens manicures and pedicures

Let’s face the facts; goodbye are the days when men didn’t think about hygiene and appearance. Your hands and feet shouldn’t be low on the list of grooming. It should be top of the list.

With sandal season right around the corner, you don’t want anyone running away in fear over the sight of your discolored or overgrown toenails. At Jaxson Maximus, our experienced nail technicians are here to help. Here is a quick guide on why you need to add men’s manicures and pedicures to your grooming routine.

Why Is It Important To Receive Regular Foot Care?

According to podiatrists, regular foot care is important for everyday health, especially as you age. A lot of diseases tend to manifest themselves in the feet area. These diseases range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. If you don’t take good care of your feet over the years, you will lose the ability to walk without being in pain. This can impede your everyday life.

Fungal infection can cause your toes to become discolored or even fall off if left untreated. Having an ingrown toenail can lead to painful lesions and bacterial infections. A common fungal infection is Athlete’s foot which can lead to itching, blistering, and ongoing pain. In addition, some people can develop more life-threatening conditions such as skin cancers and basal cell carcinoma.

Receiving regular care, from professionals, for your feet can help reduce the likelihood of getting a foot-related condition. Not to mention it will help your feet look presentable during the summer months!

men's hand grooming

What To Look For To Spot A Foot Infection

Just like any other part of your body, you should be inspecting your feet to make sure that there are not any abnormalities. In addition, you want to look for any changes in your body that visually look abnormal. This can include toenail discoloration, redness, bumps, blisters, or rashes.

When performing your inspection, make sure to loo between your toes, as this is typically where infections tend to form. Try not to leave creams or lotions on your feet for a long period of time as bacteria and fungus tend to thrive in these environments. If you notice something is off, call your doctor before the problem worsens.

men's foot grooming

Why Should You Receive Regular Manicures & Pedicures?

According to podiatrists, getting a routine pedicure is one of the most effective methods to maintain great foot hygiene. Depending on how fast your nails tend to grow, you can get a manicure or pedicure as often as you would like. According to doctors, they recommend the average person should get at least once a month.

Here are some other reasons why you should be receiving a manicure or pedicure regularly:

#1) It makes you feel good

Lets be honest, when you feel good, you look good, and who doesn’t like someone pampering them for a little while. Manicures and pedicures include a small massage to help relax and relieve tired hands and feet. Not to mention, you get to soak your hands and feet in a warm tub of aromatherapy. Talk about muscle relaxation!

#2) Keeping up with your well groomed looked

A potential partner (friend, romantic, business, doesn’t matter) wants to be attracted to a well-groomed gentleman that starts with your hands and toes too!

#3) Hygiene

We don’t realize how hard we are on our hands and feet. Think about it; you bang away on your computers and phones all day and then run around trying to keep up with your day. Not to mention if you’re physically active, that takes a toll too. Dead skin, unwanted bacteria, and dirt build-up under the nails, along with calluses. It’s best to have a professional clip, file, scrub, and massage; don’t forget a nice buff and shine on the nails to give them a healthy and clean look.

We suggest manicures are a good idea every two weeks to keep up and pedicure once a month. The more frequent you come in, the easier it is to maintain. It’s a quick and easy  way to give yourself a quick pick me up after a long day. 

*Note: Please share any medical conditions with your nail care provider. As certain conditions are altered parts of your service for both your safety and your providers.

#4) Identify Medical Issues

As a licensed professional, your nail technicians will be able to identify any serious issues much better than you can. All licensed nail technicians must go through proper schooling and yearly tests by their State’s board, including a medical hygiene questionnaire.

#5) Reduces Foot Odor

Receiving regular manicures and pedicures is the best way to remove excess dead skin, bacteria, and unwanted dirt that has been building up around your hands and feet. Regular exfoliation also helps to reduce harmful bacteria before they spread to become an infection on the skin.

#6) Increases Circulation and Cell Growth

Most manicures and or pedicures will include a massage and exfoliation to the service. Both of these techniques are proven to increase blood circulation in the body. Healthy circulation means that your body can maintain blood and oxygen flow and allows you to better fight off infections.


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