7 Proven Beard Growth Tips: Everyday Things You Can Do To Grow The Thickest Beard Ever

7 Proven Tips From The Experts On How To Grow Your Beard

Let’s start by agreeing that beards are awesome! Having a beard can completely transform the way others perceive you. In a study conducted in 2013 on facial hair and the perceptions of men’s attractiveness, health, and masculinity, researchers found that the out of all of the men and women surveyed, a majority perceived men as being more masculine if they had more facial hair. Simply put, the more facial hair you have, the more masculine you appear, according to science.

Surprisingly, in the same study, women found that men with beards were perceived as more attractive and better at parenting than those without no facial hair.

Not only does a beard make you appear more masculine in appearance, but they also help frame your face. No wonder men around the globe are striving for that full set of facial hair.
The trouble with beards is that not they are not created equal. Some individuals might only be able to grow hair in patches, while others have no problem growing out a thick full beard in a month. Every case is different and varies mostly on the individual.

After seeing so many guys come in and ask about tips for their beard growth, our expert team of salon industry professionals at Jaxson Maximus have developed a complete guide on how to grow the thickest beard ever.


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Stages Of Beard Growth

Before diving into the list of our top tips for beard growth, it is important to understand the lifecycle of your beard.

Stage 1: Clean Shave (0 Weeks Old)

A clean shave is equivalent to starting with a great base. Having clean skin encourages hair follicle growth, which leads to a great beard. 

Stage 2: The Scruff (0-2 Weeks Old)

This is an unavoidable stage that every beard grower wishes would go away.

Stage 3: Itchiness (2-8 Weeks Old)

At this stage, you will begin to question if you truly want to keep going. Remember you can fight the itch!

Stage 4: The Baby (8-16 Weeks Old)

At this stage, the patches you have noticed before will begin to fill in, and your beard’s overall length will increase.

Stage 5: It Is Getting There Beard ( 16-30 Weeks) 

At this stage, your beard has taken shape. As a result, you might notice an increase in the compliments you receive from friends and family.

Stage 6: The Full-On Beard (30+ Weeks Old)

At this stage, your beard is at its highest peak. Your beard is completely formed, and strangers on the street will comment on what a great beard you have. The key at this stage is maintenance and trimming. Maintain your beard to your desired length to avoid getting in the way of eating and other normal activities.

 7 Proven Beard Growth Tips 

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1) Don’t Touch Your Beard 

Everyone is different, but it takes about a solid month to obtain actual beard progression. So often, guys planning on growing a beard get impatient by the lack of progress. However, obtaining a great beard takes time, so you must be patient. Avoid touching, grooming, and styling your facial hair as much as possible to prevent any unwanted build-up in your hair follicles.

In addition to avoiding shaving, we highly recommend that you hold off on any harsh chemicals or irritating scrubs on your face for at least a month. This will allow your hair to grow at its natural rate.

Remember: A key tip to making beard growth happen is to stop touching your beard until it develops.


2) Keep Your Skin Healthy 

Think of your beard as a house. To develop a permanent structure, you need a solid base. Although your beard is the star of the show, it is just as essential to keep the skin underneath your beard as healthy as possible.

If the skin becomes too irritated or damaged, this can cause growth stunting of the hair follicles. In addition, something as familiar as acne or dry skin can cause hair follicles to stop growing, which prevents you from growing out your beard.

If you believe that the skin on your facial area is preventing your beard’s growth, we recommend talking with your Dermatologists about what suits you.



3) A Well-Balanced Diet 

Out of all of our tips for beard growth, having a well-balanced diet is at the top of our list. Believe it or not, your diet plays a huge role in your beard growth. The condition of your facial hair directly correlates to your body’s overall health. Many key nutrients that benefit our heart and other organs also benefit our skin and hair.

For example, protein consumption is key to growing your beard. Skin and hair are composed of keratin, which is a protein made up of amino acids. We need to consume protein since we do not produce it alone. Once consumed, protein turns into amino acids. These amino acids help your skin and hair to remain healthy.

Another example is Vitamins B6, B12, and Biotin, all of which promote the growth of new skin and hair cells.

Not only will our overall health suffer without a proper diet, but you will also see a decrease in your hair and skin appearance. We recommend looking at your diet to see what food you believe is lacking. Then, try adding in some healthy options based on what you are missing and see if you notice the difference. 

4) Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

One of our tips for healthy beard growth is limiting the booze. We don’t mean to cut alcohol out entirely. We suggest just being conscious of how much you consume regularly.
When consumed, alcohol dehydrates your body. To combat dehydration, you need to drink more water than usual. We recommend a glass of water every hour throughout the day if you know you are going out later that night.

If you do not provide your body the proper hydration it needs over time, you will notice your skin begin to dry, and your hair will become brittle. This can stunt the overall growth of your beard.



5) Exercise On The Regular  

Just like your overall health, one of the most effective ways to grow a thick healthy beard is to exercise regularly. Here are the facts to provide why working out is of our top tips for beard growth:

  • Working out increases testosterone in men. This triggers facial hair growth.
  • Working out improves your overall bodily health. The healthier you are, the stronger your hair will grow.
  • Working out triggers your body to go in recovery mode. This helps replenish your hair and skin.
  • Working out boosts metabolism. Your metabolism can spur hair growth and health.

Not only does working out make us feel better, but the sweat during exercise helps to remove harmful toxins and dirt that have built up in the pores of your skin. By eliminating these toxins from your skin, you are freeing up the hair follicles to grow at their natural level.

We recommend getting at least 20 minutes of exercise daily to grow that beard.

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6) Apply Beard Oil

Every man serious about growing his beard knows how essential beard oil is. From the get-go applying beard oil will help moisturize the hair follicles and your skin underneath. In addition, beard oil is designed to help mimic your skin’s natural oils. This keeps your hair looking healthier, softer, shinier, and fuller.

Not only will beard oil help your hair grow thicker and fuller, but it will also help eliminate any dandruff and itchiness you might experience when trying to grow your beard.

If you live in a dry or harsh environment, it is extremely important to apply beard oil. This will help avoid any unnecessary damage to your skin or hair.

Our tip is to select a beard oil made up of natural ingredients. It is the best choice if you are looking to grow a thick and healthier beard.

If you are looking for one of the best beard oils on the market, we recommend our Jaxson Maximus Beard Oil and Conditioner For Men.

Learn more about what exactly beard oil does for your beard’s growth-Check it out here.


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7) Rest Is Key 

Although most of us tell ourselves we will get more sleep, we hardly ever do. In our busy world, we need to give our body time to heal itself over a long day.

To increase your hair growth, your body requires testosterone. For your body to increase its testosterone level, you need to get sleep. Sleeping is the body’s most effective way of naturally regenerating testosterone.

Only getting 5 hours of sleep a night can reduce your body’s testosterone production by over 15%! Over the long run, this can cause your hair to become patchy, dry, and brittle.

The recommended amount of sleep to maintain a healthy testosterone level is 8 hours per night. If you get enough sleep per night, your body will naturally produce what it needs to grow thick and healthy hair.


Conclusion: Tips For Beard Growth 

Growing a beard in and out of itself is a labor of love. If you are persistent, it can become one of your most defining characteristics. At Jaxson Maximus, we hope these seven beard growth tips help you get the beard of your dreams. 

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