Shaving Cream vs. Gel: What Really Is the Difference

Shaving cream

Shaving daily is a task most men have to comply with. No matter how many times we shave, there is still an opportunity that we are going to irritate our skin or cause razor burns. Those with sensitive skin are at high risk for getting these symptoms more frequently. 

When shaving using shaving cream is an absolute must, or you will destroy your skin. The harsh reality of shaving is that it completely dries out your skin. Shaving cream acts as a lubricant barrier between your skin and the razor. It keeps your skin from drying out by adding a layer of moisture. 

So, what is better to use shaving cream or shaving gel? Our experienced staff of barbers at Jaxson Maximus weigh in.


What Is Shaving Cream Is Not

When most people hear the words shaving cream, they immediately think of the stuff that comes in a can. There is, in fact, no such thing as canned shaving cream. Shaving solutions that come in an aerosol can are shaving foam. It is called this contains a large amount of air to create a nice lather. 

Although shaving foam might be the most convent thing to pick up at the store, it is one of the worst products to use. The air inside the can makes it incredibly difficult for the foam to coat the hairs on your face and keep them standing upright. Since your hairs are being pressed flatly against your face, it will put you at a high risk of getting razor burn. 

shaving cream

What Traditional Shaving Cream Is

Unfortunately, since shaving foam was invented back in the 1940s, traditional shaving cream has become harder to find. Real shaving cream comes in a tuber or even in a wooden bowl. They have a similar look to that of traditional hand soap. They are easily applied to the face by whisking a shaving brush in a wooden bowl with water and the cream, creating a frothy lather. 

Traditional Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Foam

One of the biggest issues with shaving foam is that it is designed for pure convenience issues. Since shaving cream is thicker and typically contains better ingredients, it allows for these ingredients to penetrate the hair follicles instead of sitting on top. This will leave your skin feeling naturally moisturizes while helping to keep debris from clogging up hair follicles. 

If you are looking for a more convenient route to your shaving routine, shaving foam might be a better solution, however, using a traditional shaving cream will reduce the amount of razor burn you get as well as help to prevent skin irritation. 

What Is Shaving Gel

Shaving gels do not foam up. Gels are easy to apply and do not require any water. Traditionally gel are found either in a pump or in a can. 

At Jaxson Maximus, our team of barbers tends to favor a shaving gel over a cream. The reason is shaving gel is transparent, allowing for the barbers to see better where they are applying the straight razor. This makes it the ideal choice for professionals who need to create a “chiseled” style on a client. 

Similar to shaving cream, gels add a protective layer of lubricant, allowing your skin to stay moisturized. Gels tend to be slightly more lubricating than creams adding in that extra layer of protection to the skin. 

shaving gel

Shaving Gel vs. Shaving Cream: What Will Work Better For Me

The truth is that it all depends on your skin and personal preference in choosing between the two. Which should you try? 

Shaving Cream Benefits

  • Instant lather 
  • Easier to rinse away 
  • Softer and airier feeling
  • Traditional lather 
  • Wetter shaving felling 
  • Won’t clog up your razor blade 
  • Ingredients penetrate skin 

Shaving Gel Benefits

  • Thicker lather 
  • Enhanced lubrication 
  • Added protection for your skin 
  • More razor glide 
  • Thinner 
  • Transparent 
  • Waterless 
  • Reduced shaving time 

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